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Socialism Leads to Gulags. It did in the 20th Century and Will Again

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Is It True that Socialism Leads to Gulags?

When you look at the history of socialism, it’s easy to see that not only does socialism fail every time that it’s tried but also that socialism leads to gulags every time that it’s tried. The millions murdered by Mao, the millions murdered by Stalin, and the millions murdered by Pol Pot are a testament to that salient fact. Socialism has never been peaceful. It leads not to the equal sharing of blessings but instead the equal sharing of misery. The work camps and death camps of socialist regimes stand as a testament to that fact.

Unfortunately for America, Bernie Sanders the dangerous communist doesn’t understand that socialism leads to gulags (however, his surrogate, AOC, certainly does. That’s why she wants a list of Trump supporters). He seems to think that “democratic socialism” will miraculously turn out better than every other attempt at socialism in history. They think that because they put an extra word in front of “socialism,” it will now be far different than the system we conservatives know and abhor.

To me, that’s patently absurd. Socialism is a miserable failure that leads to gulags, suffering, and various other forms of misery. It’s just what happens. That’s because of the very nature of socialism; it’s an ideology premised on envy and forced redistribution of wealth. As a result, its leaders frequently have to resort to brutal tactics to put their plans into place. Because their goals go against the grain of human behavior, which is to accumulate and build, socialists cannot rely on human behavior. Instead, they have to resort to brute force. Hence why socialism leads to gulags and has, historically, always led to gulags or other, similar death camps.

Capitalism can’t lead to gulags. Even the corrupt railroad barons that built the transcontinental never resorted to brute force to put their ideas into practice. Instead, they relied on financial incentives, lobbying and human nature. That’s because it is premised on consent and the free exchange of goods and ideas. As both Ben Shapiro and Ayn Rand (through the character John Galt in Atlas Shrugged) said, capitalism is only possible if people deal with each other consensually and honestly, unlike with socialism.

Socialism leads to gulags, as shown by the Soviet Union
Socialism leads to gulags, as shown by the Soviet Union

No Gilded Age monopolist, perhaps the peak of power anyone has experienced because of legitimate capitalism, could have sent anyone off to a gulag. Sure, there were a few skirmishes between monopolist-hired Pinkertons and radical workers, as described in The Republic for which It Stands, but those fights were generally the fault of the socialist workers, not the capitalists. No employer wants to kill his or her employees, they instead just want them to work and earn an honest wage that they will then spend on the products produced.

And it should be noted that those skirmishes were far less bloody affairs than any socialist takeover or grip on power. Socialism leads to gulags, if not massacres, whereas capitalism leads to profits and prosperity unless socialist workers riot. In any case, I’d much prefer the occasional violent protest than constant poverty and disappearances to prison camps. Capitalism means consent, and consent means verbal disputes rather than government-led violence and authoritarianism.

With socialism, that is obviously not the case. Consent is possible, sure, but it’s from necessary. That’s why the gulags, mass killings, and secret police exist. Those tools of oppression can be used to force people to act how the state deems fit. Just read 1984 or The Gunpowder Coast if you want to see what living in an authoritarian state where the statement “socialism leads to gulags” would seem very obvious. As George Orwell said, living in one of those states is like experiencing “a boot stamping on the human face- forever.”

Perhaps that’s what Bernie and the rest of his merry band of socialists like AOC want. They do not want to help you or the common man overcome struggles, instead they want to revive a stale and failed ideology and force everyone to go along with it. The end goal of socialists, as Margaret Thatcher noted, is control. Not helping people. That control is often established through gulags, hence why socialism leads to gulags every time it is tried. That very well could be what people like Bernie and AOC want.

Or, more likely, they’ve disregarded the facts, blocked those evil aspects out of their socialism and remain committed to only the supposedly beneficial aspects of it. They don’t understand socialism and don’t expect you to. They just want to try to implement it and see what happens.

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America can’t let that happen. Perhaps we won’t have gulags at first, although the tendency of socialists to silence conservatives makes me think that we will. But, free speech will be gradually more and more restricted. Free enterprise will be regulated and taxed to death. And Americans will no longer be free because they voted for “democratic socialism” without understanding what would happen. Socialism leads to gulags, democratic or not; Americans of every stripe need to learn and remember that.

By: Gen Z Conservative