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Socialism Kills

Socialism Kills and Has Killed Millions:

Socialism kills! Throughout the 20th century, hundreds of millions died because of socialism. Like I described in my “Communist Meme” post, socialist and communist dictatorships used food as a weapon and starved huge swathes of their populations. Or look at Venezuela today, where police thugs attack protesters and run them over with armored cars.

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Those horrifying facts show that not only is it true that socialism kills in the modern-day, it also has killed millions in the past. A continuous line of murders and starvations could be drawn through every nation socialism has touched. Everywhere it has been tried socialism has failed and resulted only in humongous numbers of dead and immense misery.

Yet AOC and Bernie Sanders still believe in it. As this meme suggests, it is as if AOC slept through history class. She doesn’t understand that socialism kills. She doesn’t understand that the most important lesson of the 20th century is that socialists can’t be negotiated with or reasoned with. Their ideology is murderous and evil! There is no middle ground with socialism because socialism kills.

Don’t let socialism become an acceptable ideology in America. Socialism is an ideology of death and envy, not one of hope. Don’t listen to Bernie Sanders and AOC. Instead, listen to Ayn Rand or Adam Smith. Socialism is a dark path to murder. Capitalism is a bright path forward to prosperity because it empowers entrepreneurs and allows man to escape his natural state of poverty, as Robert Heinlein said in his quote on poverty. Choose capitalism.

There are no redeeming features of socialism. Socialism kills. Socialism is regressive. It is an evil ideology that was created by evil, envious men that wanted to take from their betters, those that work, rather than work for a living and create something.

AOC, the incompetent bureaucrat that she is, is a prime example of that. She could not care less about helping the average American. Lifting up “the common man (or woman)” is not the goal of AOC or people like her, however much she might claim that her goal is to attack the 1% and in so doing protect the proletariat.

You see, only the first part of that is true. She hates the top 1% of Americans, but not because they impoverish the average worker (they don’t). In reality, she hates the 1% because she views them as a block on her control of America. She knows that most Americans take successful businessmen more seriously than they take politicians.

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And she cannot stand that. Socialists, and other leftists, want control. That is what they are after, not helping people. So, they launch their constant attacks on the 1% in order to weaken the hold they see the successful as having on America.

That is why Stalin liquidated the kulaks, why Mao killed the prosperous peasants and merchants, and why Pol Pot killed anyone who was educated. Those socialist tyrants, AOC’s heroes, knew that they could never have full control over society if there was a segment of society that remained prosperous and/or successful despite not being affiliated with the communist party. Just read The Gulag Archipelago or The Case Against Socialism if you want to see that socialism kills because socialist leaders are after control.


We conservatives cannot let the socialists gain control over American society. They would destroy it by killing off the successful, impoverishing everyone (except themselves), and destroying traditional American society and erasing our values in any way that they are able.

Remember that that is the nature of socialism. Not kindness or mercy. Not standing up for “the little guy.” No, death and tyranny are the most common aspects of socialism.

Frankly, I think that AOC understands that. The socialism kills meme at the top of the page implies that she was asleep during history class and, because of that, does not understand the truth about socialism.

But I think she was wide awake and fully understands the bloody, horrible history of socialism. She knows what Stalin and Mao were after- power- because it is the same exact thing that she is after. We must wake up to that fact and stop giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Similarly, we conservatives must stop giving any other socialists the benefit of the doubt. They are not looking to help people. They could not care less about doing that. All that socialists want is control and to get rich without having to work.

And make no mistake, at this point, the Democratic Party is quickly becoming the party of Marxism. That is because its opportunistic leaders, namely Pelosi and Schumer, are after power and control and see adopting AOC’s socialism as a great way to do so.

So, unless we Republicans want to end up like the kulaks that were killed by Stalin or the 60 million peasants killed by Mao, we need to start standing up to those budding tyrants and fight back against them like our lives depend on it. And frankly, they might actually depend on it. Socialism kills. We must defeat it.

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