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Socialism is Suicide and Communism is Murder

Ayn Rand’s Quote on Why Socialism is Suicide and Communism is Murder:

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.” -Ayn Rand on Why Socialism is Suicide and Communism is Murder

My Analysis on Ayn Rand’s quote on Why Socialism is Suicide and Communism is Murder:

I think that this quote is incredibly relevant to the modern day. I’ve posted a good bit about Atlas Shrugged and socialism recently. That is because I find the stance of the current Democrat party on socialism incredibly disturbing. America is a capitalist nation. There are problems with capitalism just as there are problems with any system.

But socialism is far worse. It is a reprehensible ideology subscribed to mainly by the incompetent. No one who can make money on their own would want their hard-earned money redistributed. It’s only the parasites embedded in our system that like socialism. For that reason, socialism used to be a taboo ideology in the US. The vast majority of American and Western society recognized what an evil ideology it is.

Winston Churchill, for example, said that socialism is “the philosophy of failure” and the “creed of ignorance.” I described those remarks in my “Winston Churchill socialism quote” post. Like Ayn Rand, he recognized that any society that turned to socialism would be committing suicide. North Korea and Venezuela are great examples. Because they are socialist states, they are failing. Yet the turmoil of the 60’s and more recently the Great Recession brought socialism into the field of acceptable discourse.

Americans, upset and disillusioned by the violence and failure of the Vietnam War, were protesting and willing to listen to anyone. Unfortunately for America, they listened to those that preached the virtues of the evil ideology of socialism. As a result, many in America forgot that socialism is suicide and communism is murder. Or, as some say, communism=murder and socialism=suicide.

What had once been an undisputed fact in America- the fact that socialism is evil, quickly was forgotten because of the tumult of the 60s and the Vietnam War. We are still dealing with it today.

Yet worse, socialism, which had lost its appeal in America during the Reagan Administration and the anti-Americanism it brought with it, has recently experienced another resurgence due to the Great Recession and the turmoil and hardships wrought by it. Young Americans, disillusioned by the greed and incompetence of Big Banks, as the hippies of the 60s were disillusioned by the Vietnam War, once again forgot that socialism is suicide and communism is murder. As a result, we are now dealing with outright socialists and Marxists like AOC that are in the 21st Century Democratic Party.


That socialist shift, especially within Democrat ranks in the past few years, is highly disturbing. Capitalism is the ideology of usefulness, innovation, and productivity. Furthermore, it is the ideology of freedom. Capitalism’s basis in consent and being convincing rather than coercion is its virtue and what makes it work so well and be so moral, as written about in Free Market Revolution.

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Socialism, however, it an ideology rooted in force. Forcible subscription to it. Forcible redistribution of wealth. Jailing and silencing of dissenters. It and communism are the same at heart: they represent a desire to steal and make that theft socially acceptable. Socialism kills.

This quote by Ayn Rand on the fact that socialism is suicide and communism is murder is important because it shows that socialism isn’t any more acceptable than communism. Both are violent and regressive ideologies that eventually lead to death, both for society as a whole and for the subjects in it. Communism, luckily, is still taboo in the US. Socialism, however, is not. That needs to change if America is going to succeed. Innovation and growth is impossible if redistribution of wealth is the end goal.

The thing is, as Heinlein said in his quote about poverty and innovation, it is impossible for a society to be prosperous if it stifles its innovators and entrepreneurs. Those are the people that build up a society and allow it to escape the clutches of poverty that have traditionally gripped society. Socialism is an ideology that stifles innovation and entrepreneurs. Just read Atlas Shrugged if you want to see how it does so. Yet worse, unlike communism, which is imposed upon unwilling subjects, as described in The Gulag Archipelago, socialism is usually implemented voluntarily. People vote to implement an ideology that destroys them! Hence why it is accurate to say that socialism is suicide and communism is murder.

For that reason, Americans should oppose every socialist candidate. Socialism and communism both mean economic death. With communism that death is murder. With socialism that death is suicide. Or, more simply, socialism is suicide and communism is murder. We can’t let America kill itself economically and morally by becoming a socialist nation like the failed states in The Case Against Socialism. Socialism destroyed Venezuela, why should we have it here?


Conclusion: Communism=Murder and Socialism=Suicide

I understand that the above heading is somewhat informal, perhaps more informal than you might like. But, I think that saying things simply is sometimes the best way to say them. And the fact is, socialism is suicide and communism is murder, or as I just put it, communism=murder and socialism=suicide. That is a fact and history proves it to be true.

That is why Americans can no longer back down to the Marxists in our society that want to implement socialism. BLM is a Marxist organization, the Democratic Party is a Marxist organization, and many college professors are Marxists that attack and discriminate against their conservative students. It is time to start fighting back against them.

How can you do that? How can you fight back against the people that do not understand the true nature of socialism and get that socialism is suicide and communism is murder? Well, for one, do not accept their premises. Just refuse to accept their assertions that socialism ever has or ever will be a force for good. It has not ever been that nor will it ever be that. Refusing to accept what they say about the supposed positive aspects of socialism will help us start to fight back against them because it will put them on the defensive rather than the offensive.

The thing is, the Marxists and Democrats are used to being the aggressors and being on the offensive. They hammer their points home while conservatives meekly sit idly by. That has to stop. Rather than allowing the pro-socialism riots and protests to happen, go counter protest! Rather than letting a Democrat candidate or politician announce on Twitter that socialism is a good thing, start commenting and voicing you disapproval. And if you are a young conservative dealing with the socialists on college campuses, do not just let them assert that socialism is a good thing. Fight back against them and teach them that socialism is suicide and communism is murder.

It is only by fighting back with all our might that we conservatives will ever halt the advance of socialism and teach the left the historical fact that socialism is suicide and communism is murder. If we do fight back, we will win. The facts are on our side, so it would be quite difficult for us to lose, especially when dealing with reasonable but misinformed people. But, if we continue to sit by without educating them on the fact that socialism is suicide and communism is murder, then they will continue to gain ground. Let’s stop that. Let’s fight back.

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