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Socialists Ignore that Socialism is Evil

We Can’t Forget that Socialism is Evil

Socialism is evil. That is a historical fact. Read books like The Case Against Socialism by Rand Paul or Socialism Sucks. If you do, you’ll see the litany of evil acts carried out by murderous socialist leaders and their cronies. Those aren’t exceptional cases or straw men arguments. No, they’re well-documented examples of the salient historical fact, the one modern American socialists refuse to acknowledge, that socialism is evil.

Orwell was right about tyranny, as shown by the doublethinking leftists that won’t recognize the obvious fact that socialism is evil. Show you agree by ordering one of these here:

Tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, dead in socialist nations because of the true nature of socialism. Even more were left tortured, starving, and broken in the wake of socialism as it burned its horrible path across Asia and Eastern Europe.

But that was all in the past. Those evils already happened, and there is little we can do about them now, other than honor the memory of those who perished because of socialism.

The best way to honor their memory is to recognize the fact that socialism is evil and not let anyone get away with saying that it’s not. The socialists on college campuses pretend that they know everything about socialism and that it’s a perfectly acceptable ideology. To them, it’s actually quite the opposite; they think socialism is awesome and capitalism is pure evil. They are absolutely wrong, and we need to fight back whenever possible.

For us young conservatives on college campuses, that isn’t hard to do at all. We look at the facts of history, which is an area we know and understand, and can see that socialism is evil. The leaders, the ideology, the outcomes, all of it is.

For the left, however, that fact is much harder to see. People like AOC either don’t understand or don’t care that socialism kills. Bernie couldn’t care less about the fact that socialism is evil and that his policies lead to gulags, not shared prosperity for all. Real socialism has been tried, many times in fact. And every time it ended in failure. But liberals either can’t or won’t see that. They’d like to pretend that socialist utopias can exist and to keep that dream alive they ignore every indication that socialism is a failure.

That needs to change. Socialism is evil in a way that few other ideologies are. It leads to government-sanctioned theft when implemented, as land and property are stolen from those who have it to give it to those who don’t. It leads to unjust processes and outcomes as espionage, sham trials, and propaganda are used to influence events and shift minds, as written about in American Betrayal by Diana West. Instead of using facts and creating better circumstances to convince their citizenry of the wiseness of their socialist ways, they use backhanded and evil means to force their subjects to go along with socialism.

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Those aren’t the tactics of a just system. If you read Restoring the Lost Constitution, you’ll see what the American system is premised on. Justice, natural rights, and liberty. All three of those are good and virtuous things that lead to a better society. In fact, they’re the necessary conditions for a thriving society of the type that America has traditionally been.

There are no such nice things to say about the Soviet system that is described in depth in The Gulag Archipelago. Or the Chinese system, Cuban system, Venezuelan system…you probably get it. They were founded on deceit and violence and have remained rooted in it ever since. There were no John Marshall’s in Pyongyang or Beijing. Only Beria’s and Mao’s. Murderers and rapists them all. The polar opposites of the American Founding Fathers that risked their lives and fortunes to create a new world.

Yet, as I’ve said before, leftists and statists still refuse to accept the fact that socialism is evil. They hate that it implies their idea for universal wealth, equality, and equity is, in fact, an ideology of greed and misery. Nothing good has ever come or will ever come from socialism. Well, other than examples of how terribly authoritarian ideologies like socialism turn out.

Socialism is evil. Don’t forget it. And, more importantly, don’t let the other side, the socialist leftists with an anti-freedom agenda, forget it. They’d like to pretend that all is well when it comes to socialism’s history. I don’t know if they are just uneducated, are disregarding the facts, or are actually so evil that they want to support an ideology that has killed millions of people, as Scruton takes pains to point out in Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands.

As I stated earlier, conservatives need to fight back against the party-line statement that Democrats and democratic socialists like to repeat, the statement that socialism isn’t evil. We can’t let them get away with just repeating it over and over and hoping that everyone believes it. Socialism is evil. That’s a fact. People need to know it.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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