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Socialism is a Miserable Failure

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Why Socialism is a Miserable Failure

Unfortunately for America, socialism is somehow resurgent as an ideology. We were supposed to have eradicated it after doing away with Eugene Debs and his coterie of delusional socialists during and after World War I. And, of course, McCarthy, who has since been unjustly demonized, was able to root at least some of them out of positions of power during the early Cold War. But, it has some back. Like any virulent disease, it has found a viable carrier to transmit itself. In this case, that is Bernie Sanders the irredeemable communist, who for some reason can’t comprehend that socialism is a miserable failure.

It wouldn’t be too big of a problem if socialism were a less dangerous disease. If it were something more along the lines of radical feminism or hard-line libertarianism, it would be more of something to laugh at and ridicule than worry about.

But that’s not the case. Socialism as an ideology that has led to tens of millions of deaths, countless political prisoners, and untold misery. It’s not something to trifle with and must be stopped immediately.

Furthermore, socialism is an ideology of greed that leads to misery, poverty, and mass murder every time that is tried. In other words, socialism has always failed and it will always be true that socialism is a miserable failure.

Why is that? Well, a number of reasons. Namely, it eradicates the connection between hard work and monetary reward, as Rand Paul pointed out in his quotation on income inequality. Additionally, it doesn’t address the root cause of poverty, which is under-investment and a lack of productivity in poor areas. Luckily, however, both of those problems can be solved through capitalism, as Trump has recognized. Policies, such as tax cuts and deregulation, that encourage working and discouraging living off the teat of the state solve most of the problems that socialists claim they want to solve through welfare policies. We need to remember that and continue to push for policies that enhance capitalism in America. Doing so is the only way to prevent a socialist takeover of our great nation.

By: Gen Z Conservative