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Socialism and Gun Control

Socialism and Gun Control:

Socialism and Gun Control

Socialism and Gun Control Don’t Mix Well:

The socialist members of the far-left are absolutely ridiculous. Who could possibly see what is happening in the socialist countries across the globe that have gun control and still be willing to let that happen here? Wherever and whenever socialism and gun control mix, they lead to massacres and misery. That is as true in Tienanmen Square as it is in Caracas; tyrants slaughter unarmed civilians.

It’s insane. Socialist countries use their weapons on unarmed protesters. American liberals see that. Then, American socialists continue to support gun control measures. Who would see evil being carried out by their very policies and then still agitate for those policies? Our friends on the left. They would.

As I described in “You Might be a Liberal If…,” it is insane that liberals both hate the police and want the police to be the only ones with access to firearms. To me, and many other conservatives, that position is nonsensical. As the George Floyd murder shows, many police officers are “bad apples” that will kill anyone who doesn’t immediately comply with their often-arbitrary orders. We’re supposed to have guns so that we can defend ourselves against tyrants like the cop that murdered George Floyd.

But that’s just in America, a relatively free and untyrannical society if ever there was one. The policy of letting only agents of the government have firearms is even more nonsensical when viewed in the horrific context of socialism and gun control. Without the 2nd Amendment, the same tyranny that is happening in Venezuela could happen here before we patriots even understand what is happening. 

Unfortunately, that massive restriction of freedom in America is looking increasingly likely. Horrific mass shootings have led to increased pushes for gun control (despite all the evidence that gun control doesn’t work) because Democrats want a disarmed populace. Simultaneously, socialists like Comrade Bernie and AOC are gaining political power in our politics. We need to start fighting back against those evils. 

We American patriots need to defend both our 2nd Amendment rights and our right to economic freedom from the radical leftists that want to destroy the America that we know and love by stripping us of our once-sacred rights.

If we don’t immediately stand up and fight against the leftists, then they will use every tool in their toolkit to try and implement socialism and gun control in America. Once those policies are put into action, freedom, and real America with it, will be lost forever.

Bernie Sanders, AOC, and their acolytes will take what they want through looting and then tax what’s left through their taxes for socialism. We can’t let socialism and gun control happen here! Those two programs of evil must be prevented by any means necessary!

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By: Gen Z Conservative