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Socialism and Executions

My Thoughts on Socialism and Executions

Have you ever thought about how utterly absurd it is to support a socialist government? I mean, really, really think about it. How many of the original founders of each socialist government made it past the first few years? Pretty few. Every time the socialists defeated the old regime, a dictator would take over and then kill everyone else related to the revolution. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, the Kim dynasty, and others all are known for murdering their former allies. That’s because socialism and executions go hand in hand.

If you don’t believe me, then just read a history book about the great tragedy that was the 20th Century. In Inferno, for example, Max Hastings does an excellent job of chronicling how Stalin killed anyone close to him so as to preclude the possibility of them taking of. Similarly, in The Case Against Socialism, Rand Paul shows how Chinese communist thugs under Mao imprisoned thousands upon thousands of formerly loyal party officials during the Cultural Revolution.

But that’s not even the worst of it. While socialism and executions are certainly parts of daily life for government officials under socialism, it’s not quite as bad for them. They’re the ones who benefit from it. If they live, of course. For the average citizens, the whole socialism and executions link is far more present in daily life. The commies in Myanmar might have murdered a quarter of the country. Real socialism in China and the Soviet Union alone was responsible for tens upon tens of millions of deaths. No one is safe, even loyal party members. Just read The Gulag Archipelago.

Whatever modern apologists of socialism, such as that commie Bernie Sanders, might say, they’re wrong. There are no redeeming aspects of socialism. Well, other than that it leads to lots of dead communists…

In any case, we can’t let the socialists try to execute their way to utopia in America! Instead, we should support the free market and the liberty it brings with it.

By: Gen Z Conservative