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Socialism and Equality Immediately Create Equal Poverty

Why the Confluence of Socialism and Equality create Equal Poverty

If you even try to listen to a Democrat debate, American socialist event, or any other situation in which the left is attempting to discuss economics, it’s very easy to see that they have no idea what they’re talking about; they don’t understand economics. Socialism and equality seem to be the two goals of modern American leftists, and they have the ridiculous thought in their head that those ideas would somehow create equal prosperity for all.

No idea about socialism and equality is more absurd than that contention. Socialism and equality don’t create equal prosperity; when combined, those two forces of evil and hate instead create equal poverty for all citizens but the governing elites (the ones who benefit from socialism).

That’s a well-known fact. It’s the entire point of Equal is Unfair by Yaron Brook and is the indisputable take away from the famous Churchill quote on socialism. Redistribution of wealth can’t make everyone rich because it destroys prosperity and makes it impossible for those who want to work and to create wealth to do so. Whenever they are successful, the wealth that would follow from their success is instead given as welfare to the lazy bums that suck at the teat of taxpayer dollars.

Is that just? No, not at all. Is it a positive outcome for anyone at all? Again, no, not at all. But is it the natural result of socialism and equality? Absolutely yes.

Sadly, modern socialists will never take that into account. Even if they’re sentient enough to consider the facts about the history of socialism and equality, they just disregard the facts.

That’s because it’s not really wealth for everyone that they’re after. They may claim to want to lift the proletariat up into unheard of levels of wealth, but that’s not really true; it’s not what they want at a base level.

socialism and equality

In reality, what socialists want to is punish the wealthy, who they hate. They hate that men like Bezos, the Koch brothers, and Elon Musk were able to grow wealthy by virtue of working hard and innovating because that goes against the very nature of democratic socialism, which is about equity for all.

As CS Lewis notes in The World’s Last Night, collectivist democracies tend to hate any showing of ability. Average citizens in them hate anyone who stands out and want to make everything think the same way and show the same level of ability.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the western world today, where hate-filled leftists are trying to use socialism and equality to crush those that dared to challenge them and build empires of ability. Just as socialists of eras past hated the aristocracy of the sword, today’s socialists hate the aristocracy of talent that, as Jefferson predicted, has risen in America because of the opportunities afforded them by the free market.

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Those great men and women were able to become great only because they had the opportunity to do so. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and others all came from middle class backgrounds. They were not poor, but they did not come from the very top of the societal pyramid. But, because of hard work and ingenuity, they were able to rise to the very top. That is a good thing, not a bad one. Yes, with capitalism there is no equality of outcome. If you are smart, hardworking, or both, then you will do better than most everyone else.

Because of their hate for those men and women of talent, leftists want to use socialism and equality to tear down the most able members of society and the businesses they created. Socialism destroyed Venezuela. It will certainly destroy America if we let it take root here.

For that reason, we need to start fighting back. No longer can we continue to even permit uninterrupted discussions about the benefits of socialism and equality. There are none and we need to openly and unapologetically state that fact. Otherwise, idiots like AOC will destroy everything that our forefathers risked their lives to build.

It used to be that, in America, at least, it was pretty simple to succeed in America. Just work hard and make reasonable choices. As Ben Shapiro said in his quote on how to succeed in America, that is all it takes. Sure, you probably will not become as successful as Bezos or Gates, but you will be able to lead a relatively prosperous life. That fact is what provides the backbone for financial self-help books such as The Richest Man in Babylon and The Automatic Millionaire.

But Democrats, fighting in the name of socialism and equality, want to strip it all away. They want to get rid of the traditional opportunities to succeed in America because they do not value intelligence or hard work. We Republicans need to start fighting back against them so that America can remain prosperous.

If you want to get other patriots involved with fighting against socialism and equality, please share this article so others understand why those two factors lead to poverty and misery.

By: Gen Z Conservative