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Socialism and Democratic Socialism: The Same Damn Thing

Guess What: Socialism and Democratic Socialism are Just Differently Packaged Versions of the Same Thing

I’ve written about this before. If you’d prefer to read a long-form article on the similarity between socialism and democratic socialism, just read this article or this article (or, preferably, both!). Those will show you the true nature of democratic socialism and why, despite the protestations of such highly intellectual luminaries as AOC, socialism and democratic socialism are the same damn thing.

So, why the extra post? Well, for one, because it’s hilarious. Just everything about it is spot on.

And, more importantly, because Americans need to remember that socialism and democratic socialism are the same thing. Biden “won” the election, so we’re stuck with a Democrat regime that every day lurches closer and closer to embracing democratic socialism, which means that America is haltingly approaching the socialist cliff, where the fall into collectivism is a fall into oblivion and poverty.

Don’t fall for the lies of the socialists. Their system isn’t new. Hundreds of millions of wretched subjects suffered under the yoke of socialism in the 20th century and the cries of their lamentations and misery can be heard through the decades in such books as The Gulag Archipelago, Socialism Sucks, and The Case Against Socialism.

Push back against the tyranny of the Biden regime and its un-American, anti-freedom drift toward socialism. We can’t have that here; we need freedom, not collectivism.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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