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Social Security Paid $79 Million to Dead People in Just 3 States

GoVeRnMeNt DoEs A gOoD jOb!

Once you start looking at what the government actually does, it’s obvious that those that want it to do yet more are either fools, completely uninformed, or, likeliest of all, foolish ignoramuses. Common examples of government waste and inefficiency are the military and DMV, and those criticisms are certainly not without merit, but, in all fairness, the DMV is a state entity, so it’s not reflective of the federal government.

However, the Social Security Administration is run by the feds and has existed for decades. Almost a century, in fact. Theoretically, with so much experience in running Social Security under its belt, this is about as well as the government’s going to do at running a program.

So, how’s that going?

Well, for one, Social Security is a completely unsustainable system. There aren’t enough dollars flowing into its coffers to fund its liabilities, so, unless taxes are raised dramatically or benefits are cut, it’ll face serious solvency problems in the coming years.

Plus, there’s the waste, an example of which is that Social Security paid $79 million to dead people in Alabama, Georgia, and Illinois.

In a report by the Office of the Inspector General, that waste was highlighted. The report found that:

“SSA issued approximately $79 million in payments after death to 1,127 beneficiaries and four representative payees who died in Alabama, Georgia, or Illinois between January 1978 and December 2018. Identifying and correcting these discrepancies will
prevent approximately $14 million in additional improper payments after death over a 12-month period.

We also identified 53,486 non-beneficiaries who were deceased according to Alabama, Georgia, or Illinois records but whose death information was not in SSA’s Numident. Resolving these discrepancies will improve the accuracy and completeness of death information the Agency shares with other Federal benefit-paying agencies.”

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Sure, $79 million is chump change to the government, but it’s serious money to the average citizen. The average American makes about $56,516 a year and that amount is assessed at a 6.2% rate for Social Security, meaning the average American pays about $3,504 in Social Security taxes each year. That means that the Social Security Administration, in paying out $14 million to dead people each year (we’ll stick to the one-year savings amount to avoid inflation and tax-rate-related adjustments), wasted the combined effort of almost 4,000 taxpayers. The entire effort of a small town or suburb was effectively lit on fire and wasted by a profligate government.

We should abolish Social Security. It’s a scam. The government has had a century to figure out how to run it correctly and still can’t do so…

By: Gen Z Conservative