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Social Media Censorship: A Boot Stamping on the Conservative Face, Forever?

Will Social Media Censorship Ever End? Here’s My Experience With It

This week I have had my worst experience with social media censorship yet. Articles from this domain can no longer be shared on Twitter and Twitter will not tell me why that is the case. There’s no end in sight to that censorship, as there is no end in sight for the NYP and various other conservative outlets.

Facebook allows me to post my articles: here is my Facebook account. Reddit allows me to post articles: here is my Reddit account. And my ad-free articles are available on Patreon, which continues to allow me to post on it. Additionally, I can share those articles posted on Reddit or Patreon on Twitter. But I cannot share from this domain, a domain I have spent years building up so that it is a resource for conservatives of all ages.

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I have spent years building my Twitter following. I have 70,000 followers and interact with hundreds of them each day. Hell, I’ve even defended social media companies on various occasions while talking with my conservative friends and said that what they do typically isn’t that bad or controversial. I used to think that social media censorship was a phantom menace, so to speak. But still, they came for me and are trying to suppress this website.

To be clear, I’ve tried to do everything correctly. Every image on this blog is a public domain image from Wikipedia or Pixabay; there are no copyright issues. A Google check of the domain shows that there is no harmful malware on this site, nor are there any other issues. Here’s what Google said:

social media censorship

Not once have I called for any type of violence or harassment; in fact, in my articles on Antifa and other violent political movements I have written about just how evil and wrong-headed political violence and harassment is. I don’t spam articles on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site; I post my own articles only a few times a day and try to retweet the work of other authors far more than I hawk my own articles. Yet still, social media censorship came for me.

I’ll admit my articles might be a bit to the far-right from time to time. Jack Dorsey probably disagrees with every word. Yet nothing on here is illegal or even morally wrong; all I have done is advocate for conservative policies and write book reviews. Is that so evil?

The problem here is not my case specifically. It’s the whole concept of social media censorship of conservative ideas. Do we have free speech anymore if the online public square can now only be used by one side of the political spectrum? I think not.

Good ideas and bad ideas are free speech. That is a fact and Americans have believed in it for centuries. But now, posting about conservative ideas is not allowed. Because of social media censorship, The New York Post can no longer share its ideas on Twitter. I cannot. Thousands of other conservatives cannot. Who’s next? Breitbart? The Daily Wire? Fox News? Maybe even the Wall Street Journal? If no specific guidelines are given and every decision about who to censor is clouded in transparency, then how can we know who the social media censors will come for next?

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If Twitter is willing to go after and shut down even small blogs, no site is safe. No one is safe from social media censorship.

I hate regulation. I am diametrically opposed to government involvement in private industry in most circumstances. But this is too far. Twitter has gone way too far; now, with its commitment to social media censorship, it is basically just a wing of the Democratic Party and should be condemned for that.

That’s not because of what they’ve done to me. I’m a college student and will be fine. I’m merely using my experience as an example of how social media censorship works and how the leftists in these Big Tech companies are coming after conservatives and trying to silence us.

They want to shut down anything that hurts their side- news about the Biden Crime Family’s corruption, the veracity of Hunter Biden’s emails, and a wide array of other issues should be on the front page of every newspaper and all over our social media sites. But it isn’t, and that problem is only getting worse because these social media companies are silencing conservative thought.

The worst part about it is that they won’t even say what is wrong. Here is what happens, at the moment, if you try to post one of my articles on Twitter:

social media censorship
Social media censorship when posting
social media censorship
Social Media Censorship when trying to view the link

If you try to post an article, it flags it as “potentially harmful” and prevents you from doing so. And if you happen to find one of my old tweets and click on the link to this site, it will give you an array of warnings and makes it quite difficult to click through them to get to the site, as you can see from the second image.

That’s every article on this site, not just the more overtly political ones. No specific details are given and no possible fixes are provided. Many other conservative sites have faced this problem recently. All you can do is submit the link as “not harmful” using this link. I’d like to encourage you to please do so for both this website and any other that has been silenced by Twitter.

How is that okay? Twitter is, in effect, a common carrier and should be treated as one. It can get rid of violent content or harassment (but does not if that content is directed against conservatives), but cannot prevent people from using the platform because of their political beliefs. Could a utility company shut off electricity to the DNC Headquarters without giving a reason? Could Delta refuse to seat Democrats and not even tell them why? No! Of course not. That would be illegal, not to mention morally odious.

Conservatives need to fight back. Submit links as not harmful. Speak out against these companies. Do whatever you can to fight against them. But, don’t get off them. We can’t politically segregate and all move (only) to Parler. If we do, then the open debate of ideas that has defined American political life for over two centuries now will be dead. So, stay on the platforms, but make them allow the sharing of all viewpoints. America needs that.

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First They Came for the Conservatives

Finally, I’d like to end this article with a poem:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

You might disagree with some (or all) of what I write. You might disagree with some or all of what The Daily Wire, New York Post, or others write. I know I disagree with what my friends on the left say. But defend their right to say with it. Respectfully disagree and push back against them in whatever way you see fit, but never try to silence them. Americans should stand for free speech and against social media censorship because if we don’t, then eventually the censors and technocrats will come for all of us.


I know that this article on social media censorship is not my best writing. It jumps around and I could have included more examples or statistics. There are recent events I should have mentioned, and excellent outtakes from the recent Congressional hearings on social media censorship that I should have linked to. There are undoubtedly grammatical errors that I need to correct.

But, frankly, I just can’t. I have spent years, hundreds and hundreds of hours, building up this website. From figuring out how to format articles, updating old ones, creating and finding memes I think y’all would enjoy, and writing an average of about 3,000 words a day (between emails, new articles, and updates of old ones), I have spent a lot of time on this project. And, because I think it is worth the time since it is a resource for many conservatives, I am happy to do so. But now, with the click of a button, Twitter has censored it and silenced me. I’m too heartbroken and dejected to spend more time on this article.

Don’t worry, I will continue writing and will find workarounds, some of which were mentioned at the beginning of this article. The left won’t break me. If you’re being censored for telling the truth, don’t let them break you either. We can’t let social media censorship silence us and ruin the nation.

But I need a day. Twitter’s attacks on this site have devastated me; all the time I have invested in that platform seems to be for naught. If you can think of any workarounds, or a potential solution to my social media censorship problem, please email them to me. My email is

By: Gen Z Conservative