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LUNACY: UCLA Liberals Claim Soap Dispensers are Racist

Think it couldn’t get any worse after a Kentucky college claimed that whiteness is terrorism? Well, as our former president (who should still be president) might say, WRONG! It just got worse. College students at UCLA are claiming that soap dispensers are racist.

Yes, you read that right. No, I’m not making that up. College-educated adults are, rather than learning and reading widely or spending their time on other honorable and virtuous pursuits, are instead attacking soap dispensers by claiming that those inanimate soap dispensers are racist.

The basis for this article comes from an op-ed on The College Fix, a great site that routinely exposes leftist lunacy. Here’s what the article claims:

“one UCLA student claimed during the debate, automatic soap dispensers “don’t see her hands” due to the dark pigment of her skin. As another student reiterated, soap dispensers are racist because they force “black and brown bodies” to show their palms — “the only light areas of the skin” — in order to get soap out.”

Ah, brilliant points. Because you have to apply soap to your palms to effectively clean them when rubbing soap on your hands, the machines that make that hygienic task far easier and cleaner than it used to be is, wait for it, racist!

Got it. Leftists are lunatics. Once you remember that, not of this bullshit is all that shocking. It still is disappointing, though…you’d think America’s youth, especially the young adults smart enough to make it to a distinguished school like UCLA, might be smart enough to at least understand that it is utterly insane to say that soap-dispensers are racist. But, of course, that’s the fatal error. Nothing is too crazy for a leftist lunatic.

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  1. I’m mystified by the girl who complained that black people have to show their palms to the sensors. What other body part does she think they would want to use? Does she think people are waving their elbows under soap dispensers, and that the dispensers only recognize white elbows, thus forcing black people to dispense soap into their palms?

    Is she also triggered by the fact that toothpaste is more often white than black?

  2. The geniuses at UCLA must have overlooked a few things that make their claim incorrect, much less totally ludicrous. Soap dispensers use a device know as a “PIR” that is an infrared motion detector. It has nothing to do with color. It, however, has some difficulty in sensing snowflakes.

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