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Snowflakes and Safe Spaces: A Nation of Vulgar Infants

What Happens When a Snowflake Meets a Conservative

the snowflakes want a safe space

I was the same kind, funny person the day I expressed my support of President Trump on Facebook as I was the day before. But you’d never know it from the bizarre reaction of the Liberal Snowflake who’d been my Facebook friend…up until that fateful day.

With f-words flying, she mumbled from behind her mask, “I should have known you were not a safe space” and flounced out of my gentle cyber world into the real world full of those horrible, nasty Trump supporters.

Life must be Hell for her.

But seriously, this was my first (though not last) run-in with a Liberal Snowflake, and boy, was it ever an eye-opener.

I felt like the puzzled RCA Victor dog with my head on one side. I was making those puzzled grunts Tim Allen made when Wilson went all intellectual over the garden fence.

rca victor dog
The RCA Victor Dog

One minute Miss Snowflake was reading my articles and posting insightful comments. She was baring her soul in the Homeschool Survivors Group she was so grateful I’d started on Facebook.

And the next…I’m Cruella Deville.

Oh yes! She exited the Homeschool group too but not before posting one final warning salvo to the other members.

the snowflake wants a safe space

To quote Professor Kirke in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, “Logic! Why don’t they teach logic at these schools?”.

I never condescended to respond to her tantrum but my friends were quick to shame her for her potty mouth. I just sat back, giggling a bit, and watched the show.

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What exactly is a safe space anyway? A non-Free Speech Zone? I have news for her. The whole country is a Free Speech Zone, from “sea to shining sea.” It’s Freedom of Speech that allows her to cuss me out.

Reminds me of what C. S. Lewis said about atheism: “When you are arguing against Him you are arguing against the very power that makes you able to argue at all: it is like cutting off the branch you are sitting on.”

Snowflakes behave awfully like a cult and I should know. “Safety” is always the keyword of cults.

They paint themselves into a tiny corner by labeling the rest of the world unsafe. Then they live lonely lives on their rarefied mountaintop of Acceptance and Sensitivity and Feelings and Superiority, reveling in despising their fellow man, even if it makes them miserable. Occasionally they descend to scream in your face, in a vain effort to bend you to their will but never notice their own hypocrisy. Now that is true narcissism.

One of the “Freepers” on Free Republic explained the Snowflake philosophy thusly:
“By framing mask usage as smart, kind, moral, proof that you care … it made anyone who disagreed mean, selfish and evil. That’s why there are many videos of liberal bullies screaming at people in stores for not wearing a mask, even when it is a young child not wearing one.”

Training people to equate compliance with kindness and morality means they hate and fear the non-compliant.

The only good thing I can say about snowflakes is that they’re passionate in their beliefs and they’re willing to suffer (a little) for what they believe in. Such a shame that what they believe in isn’t worth suffering for.

Personally, I’d rather be down among we hoi polloi having a high ol’ time in the MAGA Party.

Sucks to be snowflake.

By: Lenora Thompson, creator of Beyond Narcissism