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Humor: Slow the Spread of Tyranny

Want to Slow the Spread of tyranny?

I have an idea, how about we treat it like the virus it is?

Let’s just follow the advice (well, not really advice, more like demands backed by the power of a trigger happy goon’s gun) of the tyrants themselves on how to deal with a virus and have a two-week lockdown that really lasts for over 52 weeks.

Mitch the RINO can grow his balls back and shut down the government, claiming it will be closed until they settle on a balanced budget.

But, as we all know, Congress can’t settle on a budget, much less one that doesn’t rack up America’s credit card debt even higher. Too many priorities conflict, so settling on a final, balanced budget is more or less impossible.

The result would be a long-term government shutdown. However bad the pearl-clutchers in the MSM claim that might be, I really doubt it would make much of a difference.

Our military can’t win a war anyway, all the government does when it operates is waste our money, and a shutdown government can, at the very least, enforce fewer tyrannical mandates.

So, say it with me, “slow the spread of tyranny” by shutting down the tyrannical government!

Of course, the far better solution would be to have a responsible, limited, effective government that does its job well. But such a thing hasn’t existed since the Victorian Age. Now we just have incompetent morons in charge that have the opposite of the Midas touch; everything they touch turns not to gold, but to a rotting albatross hung around the neck of the American populace.

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So, let’s shut it down!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.