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New Rules For Bill Maher’s Delusional “Slow-Moving Coup” Conspiracy Theory

Bill Maher has recently put out videos that have been somewhat critical of far Lefties that even for Bill Maher were too looney. It has led some to believe (see here and here) that Bill Maher was getting Red Pilled. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Maher is still as Left and delusional as ever – he merely likes to make jokes and spew hyperbole to stay relevant.

In the feature video of this article, one can see Maher’s latest Left-wing delusional “Slow-Moving Coup” conspiracy theory.

Maher’s conspiracy theory is based upon a CNN report on a memo authored by John Eastman outlining a possible strategy to have Donald Trump declared the winner of the 2020 election. The Washington Post also had previously reported on the memo’s existence.

The memo reportedly was authored and distributed in advance of the January 6th electoral vote count. It suggests a legal strategy under which Vice President Pence excludes the electoral votes of seven states due to a competing slate of state electors.

John Eastman has told CNN that the above-cited memo was merely a preliminary outline and has provided CNN’s Jeremy Herb with a longer, six-page memo, dated January 3rd, which outlines several potential electoral count scenarios.

New Rules for Bill Maher on “Slow-Moving Coup” conspiracy theories:

  1. It is not a “coup” to have a lawyer suggest ways to challenge presidential election results. It has happened before – see here.
  2. It is not a “coup” to entertain the idea of dual competing Electoral College electors to Congress, which is not new – see here.
  3. It is not a “coup” to question election integrity – here is a full document database of them. Sometimes elections are not close, and challenges to results would be futile, but the 2020 election was close, and it would be reasonable to expect election result challenges.
  4. It is not a “coup” to seek better transparency and accuracy in elections with improved election integrity laws.
  5. It is not a “coup” to seek to build like-minded folks into an organization to support one’s candidacy and policies for president. It is called politics, in case any forgot.

Bill Maher evidently believes that if one questions election results or makes an election challenge, exercising their legal, constitutional right to do so represents a “coup” to him. The actual “coup” would be to block one’s ability to do so. Something Democrats have vigorously tried to do.

Maher, in his video, makes the “three easiest predictions in the world” – Trump runs for president in 2024, wins the Republican nomination, and then he will claim victory regardless of the voting results. Though quite the prediction, Maher seems to be troubled that Trump is like a cunning shark planning a presidential bid. OMG, never seen this before – a politician is planning to run for president. One has to laugh at Maher’s humor. In the past, he has called Trump, an orangutan – sort of like a dufus idiot. So which is it, Bill? Is Trump a dufus idiot or a cunning shark?

Maher’s hysterical hypocrisy does not stop here; he goes on.

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Maher acts like Trump is some kind of dictator, even tries to compare him to Hitler. But Trump’s power comes from voter support. He is not a dictator. Is this not what democratic voting is supposed to look like in a Republic? But Maher believes Trumpsters have no idea what they believe – even in a cult. Maher most likely believes this because, from his lofty position on high, he has never really taken the time to talk to them to hear their concerns. He rarely has them on his show. And when he does, he bullies and mocks them.

Maher seems to be worried about election integrity if Trump works at the state level on election integrity laws. If Maher is that worried, let’s have that honest discussion to true the vote – most Trump supporters would welcome an open and honest dialogue with Democrats on election integrity – something Democrats rarely will do because the system today favors themselves.

Maher basically admits in his conspiracy theory that the events of January 6th were not an insurrection as portrayed by mainstream media, though he spins the theory that it is the prelude to a “real” future insurrection in his mind. He sights the unlawful action of a few dozen out of hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters on January 6th.

Yes, one person did die – at the questionable hands of a Capitol police officer. The group had been infiltrated by outside provocateurs. Maher fails to even mention the BLM/Antifa riots that occurred in the run-up to the 2020 elections where they killed dozens, causing billions in damages, and were largely a tool of fear and violence for the Democratic party to fund Biden’s election campaign. This was the “real” coup.

But Maher outdoes himself on his final dig – his final hysterical, hypocritical conspiracy theory. You see it was the wrong, “coup,” for Mike Pence to challenge election results on the day the Electoral College votes were counted. But when the situation is reversed, and Kamala Harris is in charge of the count, she would be totally justified in doing what Trump wanted Mike Pence to do. The difference is, she is a Lefty Democrat. Maher even suggests that president Biden use the military to stop a potential Trump president from coming to power if he should win.

Can Maher even fathom the irony in his conspiracy theory? Using Maher’s language – these delusional “Slow-Moving Coup” conspiracy theories should scare the sh*t out of you.

Go ahead, get yourself a coffee and watch the feature video in this article – I enjoyed it. Perhaps a dark side in many of us, but we like to watch freakishly ridiculous things. Bill Maher always acts so sophisticatedly and condescending to us little people. To watch Maher’s mental delusion takes your breath away. It makes one wonder if Maher is trolling us, or does he really believe the nonsense conspiracy theories he has spun?

 RWR original article syndication source.

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