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Ben Garrison Cartoon: Joe’s Word Salad Means What Exactly? No Laughing Matter (Commentary)

Cartoons are funny. Political satire is biting and exacting humor in light of the truth stated within the art drawn. Cartoonist Garrison does what the journalist refuses to do – tell the true story.

The phrase word salad is specific to Psychiatry or Neurology. It is defined as:

psychology unintelligible, extremely disorganized speech or writing manifested as a symptom of a mental disorder (such as schizophrenia)Damage to Wernicke’s area can result in the loss of semantic associations … . Trying to speak results in garbled, nonsensical juxtapositions that neuroscientists call “word salad“.

Some Medical Conditions that lead to a person speaking word salad phrases:

  • dementia
  • schizophrenia
  • logorrhea
  • schizophasia
  • receptive aphasia
  • anoxic brain injury

Any person who consistently presents using incoherent non associated nonsensical phrases deemed word salad is a person exhibiting symptoms linked to an underlying mental or medical condition.

The United States President is impaired – severely. He grows exponentially worse with each public showing.

And that sobering fact is no laughing matter for the American citizens whose freedoms and security hang in the balance.

 RWR original article syndication source.