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Biden’s Race War: How Fascists in D.C. are Using Wedges Among Races to Institute a Police State

Over the last 90 days, Joe Biden has made some shocking statements about racism, “white supremacy,” and how he intends to fight them.

On Tuesday last week, the Biden administration unveiled its joint plan with the White House National Security Council to address what they’re calling “domestic terrorism.” They pledged to focus on weeding out the dissemination of “militia extremism” and “white supremacy,” which Biden has identified as America’s greatest, most lethal threat.

In other words, the Biden administration has announced their plan to sanction racial hatred directed solely toward white Americans. Never in their declaration did the Biden administration mention the radical left domestic terrorism perpetrated by groups like Antifa or Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Four times since taking office, Biden has made major speeches in which he said similar things, demonizing whites and blaming them for all of the country’s problems. He blamed the “insurrection” of January 6 on “white supremacists” and Trump “anarchists” while knowing full well it was FBI operatives who planned and executed the fake uprising.

Following 60 years of progress that saw the last of the real Jim Crow laws wiped out; “separate but equal” discredited; public schools, colleges and universities truly integrated; and the disappearance of “No Coloreds” signs across the South — as well as other,  more subtle segregation elsewhere — why are the Democrats revitalizing the issue of race in America?

The answer is simple: A divided people are easier to conquer. And make no mistake about it, conquering our democratic republic and placing it under a Fascist/socialist totalitarian regime is the one and only intent behind the party’s action.

There are other areas the Fascists are attacking our country, of course: Our democratic tenets, moral values as well as our basic freedoms and liberties. But the party that makes a mockery of itself by clinging to the name “Democrats” see a race war as the key to their success in establishing a socialist police state where the United States of America now exists.

The strategy involves more than simple race hatred. In fact, it must be more in-depth than fomenting hate because such an effort in this day and age would fail miserably. Too many adults remember, or have been told by their elders, how horrible some parts of pre-1956 America was for blacks as well as Hispanics, Asians, Mideasterners, and other people of color.

No, what the Fascists have to do is change what our youth believe, eliminating the concept of America as a “shining city on a hill.”

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In order to do so, they have dusted off an old Hitlerian education theory known as Critical Theory. Developed at the Frankfort School in Germany, a decidedly communist education center — Hitler forced its closure for that reason alone in 1933 — the Fascists in Germany readily adopted what was then known simply as “Critical Theory.” CT is couched in innocent-sounding language intent on justifying a rejection of traditional theory, which approaches social issues, education, even politics, from a logic-based perspective.

Critical Theory — and like it, Critical Race Theory (CRT) — depends largely on perception, feelings, and biases. If a fact or concept viewed through CRT doesn’t fit the viewpoint or narrative of the one examining it, then it is not the viewer perception that must be altered, but the facts and concepts themselves must be torn down and rebuilt.

The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei — the National German Socialist Worker’ Party — applied Critical Theory to the Jewish population. The result was the Jews were blamed for Germany’s horrible economy, labeled enemies of the state, and eventually six million of them were exterminated in the infamous concentration camps.

That type of reframing or reinvention of the facts is precisely what was done by Nikole Hannah-Jones and The New York Times in the development of the sham rewrite of U.S. history known as “The 1619 Project.” Hannah-Jones, at the time a writer for The New York Times Magazine, began the project from the premise that the year 1619, when the first slaves arrived in America, was the true founding event for our nation.

Though most historians reject such an absurd notion and criticize the “scholarship” involved in its creation, it is already, just two years after publication, widely accepted in U.S. colleges and universities.

Now the ideas and falsehoods of Critical Race Theory are being introduced into our public schools while school boards, teachers, and their unions blatantly lie, saying that the theory is not being taught in public schools. Yet they refuse to let parents view the curriculum, they silence them in school board meetings and they prevent them from quizzing the educators about what is being taught.

Lest anyone think this is strictly a school-based effort with no outside direction, it is obvious the endorsement of and support for teaching CRT in public schools is coming directly from the White House.

Biden’s Department of Education in June released the text of a proposed new rule establishing priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs. That rule gives priority to grant “projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives.”

The rule goes on to cite and praise the New York Times’ “landmark 1619 Project,” as well as the work of CRT proponent and its current spirit guide, Ibram X. Kendi. Those are just a few of the leading examples of the sort of ideas the Biden administration wants to spread.

We have to ask ourselves, how does a race war benefit the Fascist Democrats and Joe Biden?

Frankly, we don’t believe it does. But they do, and that’s the important aspect of this whole issue. They believe it will give them the opportunity to establish one-party rule. That is not something that has been a long-term goal of the Democrats, but it has been the goal of many corporate elites for generations. They believe they are about to see the fruits of their labors. The Democrats, through promises of power and prestige such as Hitler offered his industrialists, are their “useful idiots” to accomplish the objective.

The elites of the last 150 years had a hand in the repeated failures of communism, though the system itself is fatally flawed. It puts power in the hands of the workers, not the elites, which is why they hated it. Working in their favor was most of blue-collar society simply didn’t want any part of communism, as it killed their independence, reduced their wages and robbed them of opportunities for self-improvement.

Fascism is also socialism, but different from communism. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis put limited power in the hands of corporations. The factories stayed ostensibly in private ownership, though production was still dictated by the government, as with communism, for the benefit of the government. They also gave the elites a slice of the pie. Doing so enabled Hitler to keep an eye on the rich and powerful, making it easier to compromise them and force them to see the world as he saw it.

With Biden’s openly admitted monitoring of Facebook and Twitter to identify “misinformation” — that is, anything the administration doesn’t agree with — about the CCP virus vaccines and government response to the pandemic, it is obvious the same kind of corporate control is being initiated by Washington, D.C.

For totalitarians to rise to power, they need to convince the people that the problems, trials, and difficulties they have are caused not by the government, but by a certain segment of society. Hitler demonized the Jews for that purpose. Fascist Democrats are demonizing white people and getting the help of big tech and the media in doing so.

As Hitler told Germans the Jews were evil, today’s Fascists are telling the Big Lie that white people are evil. They are white supremacists, and when white people deny they are racist and white supremacist, it is proof that they actually are racist and white supremacist. Some white people “don’t even know” they are those things, the Fascists claim.

The source of white supremacy, the Fascists tell us, are the founding principles of this nation. Again, the false scholarship behind that concept says those founding principles began in 1619, not 1776. Therefore, America itself is evil, because its mores and values create racist, bigoted, elitist white supremacists that suppress basic rights, hold back advancement and dictate low wages and poor living conditions for minorities. They want us to believe, for those reason, they must tear down America and replace it with something else.

In order to sell this malevolent pack of lies, the Fascist Democrats must keep the races in turmoil, All we must do is look at the last 15 months of riots, looting and burning in our major cities to see how effective is that effort. Think of BLM, Antifa, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the rest of the racial guilt industry as shock troops for the Fascist Democrats under the influence of the elites. Every police shooting is another opportunity for Democrats to slash budgets and effectively handcuff local law enforcement. 

BLM and Antifa are the armies the Fascists deploy in this effort. BLM is an openly Marxist organization while Antifa members are Fascists. The name is an example of the Big Lie theory of the Nazis as well as Orwell’s “newspeak” in which good is evil, work is play, black is white. “Antifa” is a contraction of “anti-fascist,” when in reality the group is the epitome of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, who enforced the Fascist Nazi theory within the party and outside of it by busting heads and burning things down.

Biden and the Democrats have no intention of putting an end to the trials we face as a nation. It is increasingly obvious they encourage them. It helps them to achieve that goal of one-party rule.

When they achieve it, your speech will be censored, they will take your guns, you will be subject to unreasonable search and seizure without reasonable bail and there will be no local or state government that isn’t a mere puppet for the visible leaders In Washington, D.C. and their puppet masters hiding in the shadows.

That’s when you will realize, we have waited too long. We should have acted against these atrocities a long time ago.Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, behavioral therapist, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. His regular blog can be found at America’s Conservative Voice on Substack and a Facebook presence at Americas Conservative Voice-Facebook