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Uncle Joe’s Poll Numbers are Plummeting

Well, it’s happening folks. Joe Biden’s poll numbers are tanking as expected for those of us who are aware of what’s going on. Biden already had the 3rd lowest approval rating of any President in US history his first 100 days behind Harry Truman and Donald Trump. More on that later.

According to The Harvard Harris Poll, he is at 52% which is down 10% from June. I find it extremely hard to believe that even 52% of Americans approve of his presidency, but for the sake of the polls, we’ll focus on those numbers.

Real Clear Politics which averages out multiple polling data had Joe at 55.5% approval and 36% disapproval after his first week. Now those numbers are at 51.1% approval and 43.6% disapproval.

FiveThirtyEight which is another polling site that tracks the averages of many polls had him at 53% approval and 36% approval after the first few days he was installed.

Today those numbers are sitting at 50.9% approval and 42.9% disapproval. It is pretty obvious as to why this is happening. Americans see what is going on at the border, crime exploding in major cities, and the massive spike in inflation, all of which I covered in previous articles.

What Happened?

Then we have the Covid situation. When Biden was installed, he was handed an already improving economy, a huge success in Operation Warp Speed, and a secure border. Things were looking up. People were getting vaccinated, travel was picking up and more stimulus was given out in the spring. 

Now the high is fading away. The new variant is bringing a surge back, the effects of government spending are causing inflation, we still have people not going back to work, over 1 million illegals have flooded the border this year and now more mask mandates are being imposed by the CDC. Oh yeah, there is also the talk of a $3.5 trillion spending package we don’t need.

He also doesn’t have any charisma. There are constant gaffes and he often loses his train of thought, which leads people to believe he doesn’t have what it takes to do the job. Despite what anyone said about Trump, he was always prepared, answered questions, and was on top of his game. You didn’t ever worry about his cognitive abilities.

Comparing Trump to Joe in the polling

Yes, Joe Biden has an overall approval above 50% in the polls and Donald Trump never really reach that level in the overall polls. He was often between 40-45%. His polling was actually pretty consistent over the course of this term, he didn’t really go dramatically up or down in most cases.

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Now, there is something that needs to be looked at. President Trump received about 90% negative press while Biden has received 59% positive press in his first months in office.

So a guy who received nearly 100% bad coverage still managed to maintain a 40-45% approval rating for 4 years and the other gets nearly 60% positive coverage and has an approval barely above 50%.

Americans will Make the Right Decision

I am an optimist and I always will be. Whether you believe the election was stolen or not, which I have plenty of reason to think it was, you can’t deny the obvious. Biden has failed within his first 7 months and we need to turn this around fast.

Quick story. My wife and I were in Utah for vacation last month and when we were on the way back to the airport, our driver said something which I think a lot of Americans are feeling. He said, “Gas is crazy since Trump left. I don’t know what you feel about that guy but he was alright with me. Things seemed to be running a lot smoother with him in there.”

He was right, we didn’t have these issues despite what the press said. But I am very optimistic that we will make the right decision in 2022 to get us on the right track and we could be set up for a return of Donald Trump in 2024 or someone who will take the mantel and end this charade.

By: Donovan Corzo. This article originally appeared here and is being republished with permission.