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Humor: Biden’s Brain Doesn’t Work

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Remember when we had a president with a working brain? That was awesome.

Back in those (semi) halcyon days, back before January 2021, things were better in America.

While the forever wars were dragging on, there was a plan to wrap them up and get out without being humiliated by goat herders stuck in the Dark Ages. The economy was damaged by the Branch Covidian fanatics, but was looking up, especially in the red states. America was respected in the world, if not particularly liked, and countries were gradually getting into line; crazy rocket man was quiet in Pyongyang, the Chinese Dragon was at least a focus, if not tamed entirely, the Europeans were finally rebuilding their militaries, and the squabbling states of the Middle East were finally making peace with Israel and focusing on Iran, the real enemy of peace in the region.

Then it all went to hell. Either through voter fraud or (and I can’t fathom how this might be true) actually convincing 81 million gullible fools to vote for him, Slow Joe was “elected” and shuffled into the White House. He gets to watch his programs and eat his oatmeal in its basement now, which I suppose is a step up for him from his Delaware basement, although I doubt he grasps his change of location. The blanket and rocking chair are the same, after all.

And, predictably, America has gone to hell as a result. The Taliban won and forced us out in a humiliating manner. Things are heating back up in the Middle East. China is readying its military to invade Taiwan. Neither our friends nor foes respect us. A horde that would make Alaric blush is forcing itself over our border. The economy is looking weaker and weaker. Inflation is up, job gains are down, and the stock market is looking shaky.

For all the fools that voted for this corrupt, senile traitor, here’s a reminder: the most powerful man in the world needs a working brain!

You’d think such things would be obvious. Apparently not. America is paying as a result of their foolishness and his non-functioning brain.

By: Gen Z Conservative