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Meme: Joe Biden, the Chinese Product We Can All Live Without

Slow Joe Biden is at least a partial pawn of the Red Chinese.

His son, Hunter, has numerous shady business dealings there, as do other members of the Biden Crime Syndicate, making Biden a blackmail threat. Another nation has leverage on our “leader!”

Slow Joe ordered Bagram Air Base to be abandoned, so it was left for the Chinese to potentially occupy. His insouciance (or perhaps pro-Chinese bias) has given them the opportunity for a foothold in the region.

He’s backed down to the Chinese time and time again, most recently by allowing the release of a Huawei executive that should have been locked up on industrial espionage charges.

Oh, and his family received numerous benefits from Red Chinese businesses, such as credit cards and jewelry.

Joe Biden is a Chinese product. As the Cold War between the CCP and America starts to heat up, we’d all be far, far better off without this piece of Chinese plastic in the White House!

By: Gen Z Conservative