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Slow Joe is In and America Has Lost

Joe Biden has lost his fig leaf…and the entire world has experienced his shortcomings. Both our friends and our enemies.

Before Thoughts

The Biden team and many of their contributors have forgotten the cardinal rule; If you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory. 

When allegiance to party up-ends a person’s moral convictions it makes that person a fool. How temporary? Tomorrow will tell.

What excuse will the media offer for preaching it? For teaching it? Extending it? Perpetuating it? California is exhibit # 1!

Mark Twain had it right when he proclaimed that politicians and diapers should be changed often. And for the same reason.

TO: America’s Gatekeepers

No news here. It is about money and power. The goose that lays the golden egg is gutted for all it’s worth.

A person enters politics with modest resources and then leaves with a pot of gold and a house in Martha’s Vineyard. How’s that happen? From community organizer to TV star. What is America’s ROI?

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Show us the rule book. Who’s calling the balls and strikes?

Russia, Russia, Russia! A moral outrage, or so we were told. Turns out, that was all made up…

A coup d’etat was attempted by the Deep State and nobody is held accountable. The Democratic Congress spins a shiny object for their colleagues at CNN and MSNBC and the snipe hunt is on.  

The Clintons. The Obamas. Our Justice Department. The Defense Department. The CIA. The Democratic Congress. The Media. The Trump haters. All played a role. All conspired to bring down a duly elected President. For four years they worked tirelessly to shut down/ frustrate the Trump Administration’s Agenda. Throughout it all, the media helped to spread lies and disinformation. At best, the media gave a sloppy wet kiss to the Deep State’s corruption.

Recently, Congress, in righteous indignation, picked up the cause of the American gymnasts who have been sexually abused by a convicted child molester. The FBI, for years, not only fumbled the investigation but played hide and seek with the evidence. Fight hard for these women. Bring the people and the agencies that enabled these crimes to justice. But don’t punt on the crimes against the State. The attempt to overthrow the Trump Presidency.       

We are lost in a political fog– unchecked—this march towards tribalism and socialism will engulf and crush the American core in its dense and icy waters.

Whatever words and images the media uses to clothe Biden’s failures and corruption, the fabric will not protect us from him. His wardrobe has many tailors. They have taken the measure of many throughout Washington. Republications and Democrats. Their closets contain many skeletons.

For 40 years, Biden has been shown to deal off the bottom of the deck. Now we are punished by his bad deeds, not because of them. The media’s misrepresentations enabled a cognitively diminished person to become Commander-In- Chief. The Emperor’s New Clothes should be required reading for all who enjoy dining off of K Street.

The great enemy of clear communications is insincerity accompanied by the sounds of silence and evasion. Instead of being an instrument of expressing thought, the folks at CNN and MSNBC have become a means for both concealing and preventing thought. Newspaper editors across the land would be better served if they pursued the facts first, so they could distort the truth with greater dexterity. Today’s media ensures that the informed will be forever misinformed.

Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan contained the choices of how to leave and what would be left behind.  

The most strategic airbase in the Middle East was abandoned by Biden and his military advisors.

To remove the American military from the battlefield before allies and US citizens could be secured and brought to safety, was equivalent to the Captain of a ship jumping into a lifeboat and watching his ship go down with many he was sworn to protect still on board. 

Biden surrendered an investment to keep this cauldron of terrorism in check. China now has first dibs on the natural resources, the Bagram Airfield and beyond. 

The fig leaf—that it was Trump’s fault— the Biden Administration and the media tries desperately to stretch over Biden’s breach of faith, to be believed, would require that we kick truth and our conscience to the gutter.

Biden’s Highlight Reel Has Reached Academy Award Status:

+  Funding the next generation of Russia’s military capability while crippling America’s Energy Sector.                     

+Setting the Table for China’s dominance in Green Energy, Artificial Intelligence, IT, Material Science and beyond.

+Gifting a war chest to the Taliban and Iran.

+Rewarding the Teachers Union for failing grades.  

+ Knee capping small businesses with costly regulations.

+ Supercharging the inflation that’s eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

+ Downsizing and miniaturizing our military.

+ Inviting Carl Max to dinner, a dinner we can’t pay for.   

+ Funding the drug cartels business expansion across this hemisphere.

+Encouraging hate thy brother and sister.

For the Left, it’s the black and white of it all. Martin Luther King is history. Uncle Tom Thinking.     

There is no limit to stupid when you combine it with the arrogance that now infests us from sea to shining sea. Like Thomas Andrews, they will go down with the ship. Taking many of us with them. The afterlife of Biden’s flawed values and decisions will haunt us and the world for years to come.  

Today, we the people are giving our freedom away. We are giving it away to a government and institutions that have one goal…power. When Nancy is retired, she will retreat to her Vineyard leaving her heart behind, in the city she betrayed.  

Truth over opinion. Truth over myth. It will give reason for your reason to be.

We are unfaithful to ourselves and to our liberties if we allow anything to infect the purity of our free and fair and independent elections. Wherever this happens the government will serve its own end not the nation’s best interests. -John Adams  

Show us the money. Fill in the blank. Come one. Come all. Republications. Democrats. Any can play and too many have played in the pay-to-play revolving door that is Washington.

Never forget, life first begins when a baby fights for freedom.

Best Regards and Godspeed.

John Tammaro. Image from AZ Quotes