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Biden Approval Rating Update: The Ship Keeps Sinking

By: Donovan Corzo, Mixed Texan Politics

It’s time for an update on the Biden approval rating. It seems like we continue to go from crisis to crisis under this administration or multiple crises at once. So, let’s get into the numbers.

Real Clear Politics, which takes the average from multiple sources, has Mr. Biden at 43.7% approval and 52.1% disapproval rating, a sharp reversal from when the man was installed with the help of dark money into the White House. After the first week of installation, Brandon, I mean Biden had a 55.5% approval and a 36.0% disapproval.

FiveThirtyEight, another site that takes the average approval rating data from various sites, has Joe at 44.9% approval and 49.6% disapproval. A stark difference from his first week of being placed in D.C. when he had a 53% approval and 36% disapproval rating.

Civiqs, which gathers its information from online surveys instead of phone calls, has Biden at a 39% approval rating and 53% disapproval among 115,000 respondents. You can also look at his approval ratings among different categories like age group, race, education status, and even states.

In a recent Zogby poll, the Biden approval rating has plummeted to a 36.4% approval rating among 896 likely voters.

A recent Morning Consult/Politico poll from earlier this month showed Biden’s approval underwater on issues across the board, at 45% approval overall, at 40% on the economy, 44% on health care, 40% on national security, 33% on immigration and 36% on foreign policy. The only number not underwater was Biden’s COVID approval of 49%-46%, down 30 points from the Spring.

Does Joe even care about his unpopularity among the American people? I don’t think he does and that should concern everyone. Everything this administration touches turns into a disaster.

Hate to say it but his presidency has been one big “I told you so” for many of us. For those who tried to warn others of the forest fire, this guy would be, have to be dragged down with everyone else who supported him.

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This is why it’s important we all get out there and do our part in 2022. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to contact President Trump and urge him to stop saying things that will discourage people from voting in the next election.

I get it, what happened in 2020 should never be allowed to happen again. The changing of voting laws without approval from state legislatures, dark money used to get out the vote in Democrat areas in swing states, and the suppression of stories that may have hurt Biden are all things that helped put Biden in the White House and many of us feel the 2020 election wasn’t a fair shake.

As I’ve said before, not voting is a surefire way to run this country into the ground and if you don’t vote and are able to, there really isn’t room to complain about the disaster you helped create. I’d go as far as saying that’s worse than the voters who helped put these people in power.

The defeatist mindset won’t get us out of this mess.