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Sleepy Joe Needs Some Help

Well, Sleepy Joe gave the first speech of his presidency and it was…good for a senile, decrepit man like him. He managed to speak for a full 20 minutes without falling asleep, lying about Somali taxi drivers in Delaware, forgetting the name of someone important like his Sec Def, opining on how to fight people like the dreaded “Corn Pop,” or appearing overly creepy.

But, it’s obvious that Sleepy Joe needed some help from his staff to make those miracle 20 minutes happen. The omnipresent Biden teleprompter was there, he was likely on some sort of stimulant, there were no questions, and the speech itself was incredibly short (especially compared to Trump’s hours-long speeches).

Then, of course, there’s the content. Biden announced he might let us be free (the irony) by Independence Day (yet more irony), that everything is very “dark” (all thanks to his predecessor, of course), and he managed to take credit for all of Trump’s accomplishments. So, typical Biden. Sleepy Joe is a fraud and is senile.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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