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Sickening Criminality: This Sociopathic Thug Just Attacked a Helpless Puppy [VIDEO]

Reader and viewer warning: The following video is unsettling and disturbing. Although I take the clear view that humans have more inherent worth than animals, there is something viscerally horrible with the abuse of innocent pets.

Our furry friends depend on us for their survival – food, water, shelter, companionship – and when sociopaths act in any manner contrary to their needs, it is despicable.

If you don’t intend to love your pet, don’t get one. It’s as simple as that.

In the video below, it is hard to tell if the man walking the dog is the owner, a friend of the owner, a paid walker, etc. So we can’t pass judgment on that yet. What we can pass judgment on is the fact that this person belongs behind bars and removed from society.

Nothing good comes from a human being comfortable with literally picking up a little dog and using both hands to slam it into concrete.

Graphic content ahead:

Journalist And Ngo provided the tweet and it is worth reposting the text because it shared valuable information in identifying and hopefully apprehending this abusive lunatic.

“GRAPHIC content:

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A neighbor in southeast Washington DC posted Ring video that captured a person yesterday picking up a dog and slamming it to the ground from high above and kicking it. The Humane Rescue Alliance is investigating case. Call HRA to report information: 202-723-5730.”

I remember watching Will Ferrell’s Anchorman in the early 2000s and laughing at a scene in which he describes how his dog, Baxter, was scooped up by a stranger and kicked over a precipice. Ferrell’s character cries hysterically as he describes his dog as being “punted over the bridge.”

The first time I watched that scene I laughed quite a bit, which was absolutely the intention of the film. It was funny because it was ridiculous. People simply didn’t do that in real life and we were able to acknowledge the leap into absurdity. I laughed because it was safe to laugh; this didn’t happen outside of cinema.

Now, however, that scene feels tragically prescient about the utter descent of man. Strangers kicking dogs? Picking up dogs and doing horrible things to them? Life imitates art in a tragic way.

UPDATE: The local Fox affiliate provided some information on the incident. It reported:

“The video was recorded at 6:30 a.m. Monday morning in Southeast D.C. near Sheridan Road and Pomeroy Road.

The Humane Rescue Alliance based in D.C. is investigating the incident and are asking anyone who lives near or has footage of the 2600 block of Pomeroy Road to reach out to them. DC Police are also aware of the incident.”

The Fox affiliate also included this information about potential consequences:

“Animal abuse is a crime in the District. Violators who injure or deprive animals of things like water, food and sunlight can face up to 180 days in prison or a $250 fine. Those who severely injure or even kill an animal face a potential felony charge with up to five years in prison and a fine of $25,000.”

Of course, D.C. is the same place where two teenage girls murdered an UberEats driver last year for the simple thrill of stealing his car for a joyride, so I won’t hold my breath that anything comes of this.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative