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Sickening: Brandon Awarded an AMERICA-BASHING Soccer Player the Presidential Medal of Freedom

What type of person should win the Presidential Medal of Freedom? While the left and right might quibble and bicker over individuals, it seems obvious that the medal should only be awarded to people who love America.

Well, that’s not what Biden must think, as was clear in an article from Outkick which reported that:

“News broke Friday that Megan Rapinoe will be one of 17 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year, along with US gymnast Simone Biles.

“The Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian honor awarded in the US, usually given to those who have made “exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values, or security of the United States, world peace, or other significant societal, public or private endeavors.

So Biden’s giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest and most prestigious award that can be given to an American civilian by the American government, to some lesbian soccer player that hates America. Absurd.

Rob over at PatriotFetch commented on that too, saying:

This loudmouth, American-hating woman, that refuses to even acknowledge what a woman actually is, is getting a FREEDOM award. Just disgusting. This vile woman has taken every opportunity, at every turn to cause controversy and push her narrative. She doesn’t even deserve a participation trophy, no less the highest civilian honor.

Rapinoe receives the honor just a few days after declaring that overturning Roe v. Wade was a “violent onslaught on women’s bodies,” while being completely unable to declare what a woman actually is.

She also recently expressed that parents concerned about biological boys or men competing in women’s sporting events should realize that their girl’s sporting career doesn’t actually matter.

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This is a woman so intent on pushing the LGBTQ, AEIOY and sometimes Y narrative that she basically said screw your daughters and their sports. They aren’t important. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing, but that is basically what she is saying.

So did Nick Adams, a conservative personality. He commented on the warding of the medal to Rapinoe on Twitter, saying:

It is a slap in the face for Biden to invite Megan Rapinoe to the White House for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She hates our country and anthem. If anything, Rapinoe should be given a one way flight to Venezuela!

Adams is right: giving the medal to Rapinoe is a slap in the face for the entire country. There are plenty of people who spend their time praising America and its Founding ideals while trying to make it a better place. They build rather than denigrate.

Rapinoe isn’t one of them. She’s an America-hater that recently said, for example:

I also don’t feel like a lot of these issues are complicated. They’re all interconnected and pretty much come down to people holding onto power and the way that our country was founded, which is on brutal slavery, and sexism, racism, homophobia. The more you read, the more that becomes clear.

For Biden to give her a Presidential Medal of Freedom is a slap in the face, a dramatic insult, to every real American out there.

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