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With Covid, We’re Sick Until Proven Healthy. That’s Tyrannical

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Americans are Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Not Sick Until Proven Healthy

Here’s something that Democrats and RINOs seem to have forgotten as of late: in America, accused parties have the right to the presumption of innocence. We can’t be treated as sick until proven healthy.

In backward, third-world states or socialist nations where governments rule by fiat and brute force, that isn’t the case; subjects of those nations are treated as guilty if an informant or government official accuses them of anything.

For example, in The Gulag Archipelago, the author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, was accused of a crime against the state. He was promptly locked up, tortured, and sent to live a hellish existence in Siberia. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was treated as guilty until proven innocent and given no chance to even prove his innocence. That is the type of legal system that defines “people’s republics” and other backward states.

But here in America, we have something called the 11th Amendment. For those that don’t know, the eleventh amendment says,“Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to the law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense.” In other words, you are assumed to be innocent until a jury or judge determines that the evidence shows you are guilty.

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Unfortunately, with Covid, that notion of the presumption of innocence seems to have been thrown out the window and replaced with a Soviet-style system where the mere accusation of being infected or a “close contact” is enough evidence for you to be locked up by an incompetent bureaucrat in your house or apartment for weeks on end and for your rights to be trodden on and thrown away by those same overzealous bureaucrats.

That mindset- the mindset that means were are treated as sick until proven healthy- is quickly took over every aspect of life.

Want to go to a restaurant? Then you need to wear a mask to “protect others,” even if you show no signs of being sick or infected.

Want to sit in a classroom at college or high school, rather than being stuck in your room on Zoom class all day? Well, at most schools, you can’t even do that because everyone is treated as sick until proven healthy. But, even if your school does happen to allow in-person instruction, then you’ll need to wear a mask for hours on end, submit to continual “testing” and “contact tracing,” and fill out form after form about any potential symptoms of Covid that you could be experiencing. Students are told to treat everyone as sick and have to avoid socializing with their peers.

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That experience of being treated as sick until proven healthy is much the same for working Americans, who have to submit to the same masks, testing, and procedures if they are working in person.

But the worst aspect of all is how many states are treating the virus. In the words of The Washington Times, “Now certain politicians are asking the citizenry to lower themselves to a level normally occupied by the establishment’s cynical and self-obsessed machinery: Snitch, they say. Spy on and turn in your less-than-perfect neighbors. You will be rewarded, the politicians say, for indulging the worst in yourself. The system needs you to become a cog in the wheel of a system run by politicians who ruin cities and lives.”

In the same article, the Washington Times recounted how, in an effort to get Americans to treat their countrymen as sick until proven healthy, “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged residents Saturday to turn in neighbors who fail to follow social distancing rules, encouraging them to text photos of violators and report their location to a government hotline.” He also said, in a public statement, “Now it is easier than ever. When you see a crowd, when you see a line that’s not distanced, when you see a supermarket that’s too crowded, anything, you can report it right away so we can get help there to fix the problem.”

sick until proven healthy in de blasio's America
You’re sick until proven healthy in de Blasio’s tyrannical version of America

That’s just in New York. The same system of using citizen spies and informants to treat everyone as sick until proven healthy is encouraged in California, Chicago, and many other leftist-run states and cities.

To me, that is reminiscent of the Stasi in East Germany. There, as you can see in The Lives of Others, about a third of the population acted as informants on their neighbors, turning in people they saw commit the slightest infraction to the Stasi secret police. Everyone was treated as guilty until proven innocent by both their neighbors and the government.

America is rapidly approaching the point of no return. The type of system we are experiencing now, ostensibly because of the Chinese Flu, is a tyrannical system much like the one experienced by the suffering and oppressed denizens of socialist states. If we continue on that path, then our freedom will be lost forever. Freedoms, once lost, are rarely restored by the power-hungry government that behaves like a wolf, striking at opportune moments to steal away our freedoms.

We need to start fighting against tyranny and turn back now. Wear a mask if you want to, but make sure it spreads the message that masks are useless. Protest against your governor’s lockdown orders and anti-business directives. Don’t turn in people or businesses and ostracize the “Karens” of the world that do so. Protect your freedom by resisting attempts by the government to treat you as sick until proven healthy. That’s what the Founding Fathers would do and is what the Constitution says we should do. Americans aren’t meant to be sick until proven healthy by some Covid tyrant; we’re meant to live free.

By: Gen Z Conservative