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Should Have Chosen the Mean Tweets

Remember how much (seemingly) everyone complained about the mean tweets?

In my family, everyone except for me did. In my friend group, everyone except a few friends and me did. I expect much the same, dear reader, is true of those you associate with. Even among conservatives, it’s a rare few that enjoy the more contentious aspects of the culture war battle.

And those that didn’t like how Trump tended to “raise the temperature” sure made their voices heard. Right or left, they bitched about the mean tweets, saying how “unpresidential” it was for Trump to say such things, that a “principled conservative” (read: bowtied virgin) would never say such things, or just that he was being “mean.” As if you want the man in charge of the nuclear football and our nation’s security to be “nice;” Alexander and Augustus were hardly “nice,” after all. But I digress.

In any case, those weak-kneed RINOs, moderates, ad leftists got what they wanted. Both because of Twitter censorship and the 20202 election sham, President Mean Tweets is out and President Senile is in.

So, we don’t have mean tweets any more.

And what do we have instead? Disaster in Afghanistan. Out-of-control inflation. A massive wave of humanity rushing across the southern border. Disgrace on the world stage. A senile president that couldn’t tell shit from shinola but would creepily sniff them both.

America should have chosen the mean tweets. This weakness is what you get for shying away from confrontation.

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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