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SHOCKING: Three Men that Beat Teen to Death in School Parking Lot NOT CHARGED with Murder Following Grand Jury Indictment

Back in early June, three black men beat a white teenager to death outside of the “I Promise” high school in Akron, Ohio.

Cleveland 19, reporting on the horrific killing at the time it happened, reported that:

According to Akron police, Ethan Liming died after being brutally assaulted in the parking lot of the I Promise School in the 400 block of W. Market Street around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 2.

Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said Liming and three other teens drove into the parking lot of the school and started discharging a SplatRBall gun at people on the basketball court. It is not clear if Liming fired the SplatRBall gun.

Both groups then began fighting and Liming was knocked unconscious, said police.

Liming’s family members said the suspects continued to beat him until he was dead.

So a few (white) kids had some irresponsible fun and three (black) brutes beat one of them to death for it, savagely striking him until he died. Shooting a paintball gun at people for no reason is obviously a terrible idea and not to be encouraged. Such should be obvious. But a paintball isn’t a deadly weapon…kids shoot each other with paintball guns and are just fine. So though a fight might have been expected and even justifiable, beating someone to death was wholly unjustifiable and an incredibly disproportionate use of force.

It would be fair to expect that they would be charged with murder for the savage attack, as indeed they initially were after being captured by the US Marshals.

But, though all three of the killers were initially charged with murder and held on a $1 million bond, that didn’t last.

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Now, after reviewing the case, the Summit County Grand Jury has now returned an indictment on lesser charges.

Deshawn Stafford was charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter: aggravated assault and assault, Tyler Stafford was charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault, and Donovon Jones was charged with two counts of assault.

The family of the killed teen, Ethan Liming, said “Our whole family is beyond thankful for the help the community has given us. Throughout this whole process we’ve seen horrific things, but the good we’ve seen is just so much brighter. We love our son, and we miss him dearly.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, speaking on the killing, said:

Ethan Liming was a young man with a full life ahead of him, and that bright future was senselessly taken from him in the most brutal of ways. This type of violence in our community has ripple effects that touch each person, including myself, in profound ways, and I know the city of Akron is in mourning because of this tremendous loss. I want to express my sincere condolences to Ethan’s family, friends, teachers, classmates, coworkers, and everyone whose life was touched by his light. There is no justification for this murder, and I implore anyone with information to please come forward and help Ethan and his family get the justice they deserve.”

Would the killers have been charged with murder if they were white and the teen killed black? Comment below what you think.

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8 thoughts on “SHOCKING: Three Men that Beat Teen to Death in School Parking Lot NOT CHARGED with Murder Following Grand Jury Indictment”

  1. Yes absolutely, if it was reversed, there would be rioting in the streets, everyone even slightly related to the dead person, would be in front of every TV camera, pushing how great the person was, you all know how that goes, everybody that was white would be charged with murder and nothing else, there would be old Al Sharptin without a doubt, flying in on his jet, in and day out on TV.

  2. If they were white and the boy who died was black and the judge gave this verdict, the black would be rioting and Jesse Jackson would be all over the judge who gave this verdict, They would be marching on the streets and calling it a racist attack.

  3. And who says whites only have privilege. And what it took three blacks to beat up one white, usually how it goes ain’t it. Sorry people eye for an eye

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