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SHOCKING: Parents Are Losing Custody of Their Children Because They Don’t Agree with Their “Gender Identity”, It’s Going to Get Worse

Over the past few years, the topic of transgenderism has become much more prominent in public discussion.

Whether it is about allowing people to choose the bathroom that aligns with their “identity”, using the correct “pronouns”, or teaching young children about it, no one would have imagined America would facing these social issues even ten years ago.

When you hear about the topic of gender from mainstream media outlets, it is often portrayed as a need for “tolerance” or “accepting” people for who they are.

The other side of this issue that is rarely heard, is the role the state is playing in the matter.

A shocking story that happened recently, where a man in Washington felt that he nearly lost his son to the state over his gender identity.

In 2020, a socially conservative man had taken his autistic son to Seattle Children’s Hospital over threats of suicide.

Due to COVID-19 policies at the time, the father was not allowed to be at hospital with his son, so he was not present for any of the treatment or conversations that were had between the medical professionals and the boy.

He soon received an email from the doctor stating that he should take his “daughter” to a gender clinic and they had determined without any of the boy’s family present, that the issue at hand was the boy’s gender identity.

Furthermore, the state of Washington doesn’t require parental permission to begin the gender transitioning of a child beyond the age of 13, rendering parents powerless in this situation.

So, as any sane parent would be, the father was extremely scared and even contacted a lawyer who advised, “You have to be very, very careful, because if you come across as just even a little bit anti-trans or anything, they’re going to call the Child Protective Services on you and take custody of your kid.”

The father played along with the hospital, collected his son and moved his entire family out of the state of Washington in fear they would take custody of his child.

However, there have already been cases where families are not as fortunate as this father.

In 2018, an Ohio couple lost custody of their teenage daughter simply because they did not want her to undergo gender reassignment surgery and have male hormones administered to her.

According to Baptist Press, “Cincinnati-area Juvenile Court Judge Sylvia Hendon removed the girl from her parents’ custody and turned her over to her maternal grandparents, who support the 17-year-old’s desire to identify as a boy.”

Parents, it’s time to wake up. Your children are impressionable and will believe what they are told by those who have authority over them.

The famous Tik Tok account, “Libs of Tik Tok”, has documented countless videos of crazy, blue-haired teachers claiming to be indoctrinating children into this woke gender ideology.

So hypothetically, if your child becomes convinced by one of these people that they should identify as the opposite sex and you tell them that’s not who they actually are, the state has demonstrated they are willing to remove your child from you.

It is absolutely necessary that you teach your children common sense values grounded in reality if you want to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Moreover, Nancy Pelosi has recently championed the “Equality Act” where many are saying this could lead to more parents losing custody of their children due to gender transitioning.

According to the Heritage Foundation‘s commentary on this bill, the Equality Act, “could open the floodgates for lawsuits against doctors who don’t fall in line with transgender ideology,” and, “parents who resist could face charges of child abuse and lose custody of their children.”

This is quite a sign of the times, and they are literally coming for your children.  It’s time for everyone to wake up, if you haven’t already, and recognize the insanity of what’s going on in this country.

By: Macro Conservative