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Sen. Scott Releases 11-Point Plan for Culture War Victory. Here It Is

Though pure hatred of Biden and his ridiculously terrible policies could possibly carry the GOP through the 2022 midterms, relying on such hate of the Rotting Vegetable in Chief likely isn’t a winning strategy for the long-term.

Americans don’t like him, but they also want to know what the GOP would do with power before they take a leap and vote for it again.

With that general in mind, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) shared his plan on what the GOP can do to start winning and keep winning.

Composed of 11 main points and 128 total promises, it’s a whopper, but one that needs to be read and understood by anyone pushing for their fellow Americans to vote for the GOP. We need a positive vision for America.

Sen. Scott’s plan is a good starting point for that vision, one that Trump, DeSantis, and other GOP stalwarts will hopefully get behind and build on.

Those 11 points are “education,” “color blind equality,” “safety and crime,” “immigration,” “economy/growth,” “government reform & debt,” “fair, fraud-free elections,” “family,” “gender, life, science,” “religious liberty/Big Tech”, and “America First.”

Each one is meant to both make like better for Americans while also putting the GOP on the right side of culture war battles, making the policies both popular in the short term and likely to be effective in the long run.

For example, on the topic of immigration, Scott’s plan includes such promises as “Parents, not government, will choose the best schools for their kids,” “No child will be taught they are inherently racist because of the color of their skin, or that some Americans are oppressors and others are oppressed,” and “We will not allow political or social indoctrination in our schools. Teachers who refuse to comply will need to find new jobs.

Similarly, on the topic of immigration, Scott’s plan says “President Trump’s plan to build a wall was right. We welcome those who want to join us in building the American dream, immigrants who want to be Americans, not change America. We are a stronger nation because we are a nation of immigrants; but immigration without assimilation makes us weaker. Politicians from both parties talk big about border security and do nothing. We are done with that” before enumerating the promises he’s making and encouraging the GOP to make on immigration.

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Those are just a few examples; each of the 11 main points and their sub promises are like those.

Scott, by going to the effort of coming up with a list of policies that are actionable, popular, and in line with the general GOP vision of America, has given the GOP a major tool with which it can potentially take the culture war fight to the left and win.

We’ll see what the GOP does with it; the RINOs will likely be made uncomfortable by some of the tougher promises and points and the party has a disturbing tendency of deferring to their judgment.

But, still, it’s a good start and just the sort of thing the GOP needs more of as it readies itself to try and win back power and win the culture war.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.