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Scott Walker on Socialism and Freedom

The Quote by Scott Walker on Socialism and Freedom

“Go back into your communities and share the message: the contrast of socialism is freedom.” Scott Walker on Socialism and Freedom

My Take

I think this quote by Scott Walker on socialism and freedom is excellent. For too long, many conservatives have been unwilling to call out socialists in America for supporting an authoritarian ideology. We point out that they don’t understand economics, disregard facts about how socialism has failed in the past, and are lazy and want to mooch off the earnings of others.

And all those points are crucial ones to make if we are going to successfully discredit socialism. But, they’re not all that’s required.

Ultimately, we must be willing to call out socialists as what they are: authoritarians.

If you read Liberal Fascism, you’ll get a good sense for how today’s far left, especially modern socialists, are the ideological descendants of past authoritarian ideologies. Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Stalinism, National Socialism, Maoism, etc. are all, at root, the same thing. They’re collectivist ideologies that prioritize the “good” of the nation over freedom.

For most of America’s history, we’ve been willing to identify those evil ideologies as evil ideologies. We saw the death toll of socialism abroad and didn’t want there to be millions of casualties of socialism here like there were in many European states.

But, with the surge in popularity of communists like Bernie Sanders (probably due to his bribing of America), that suddenly changed. The demographic shifts discussed in Who Are We?, along with the general economic illiteracy of most millennials, mean that now we’re stuck in a situation where most people don’t understand that there is nothing good about collectivism and that socialism leads to lost freedoms.

Conservatives can change that. We can convince Americans to turn away from the ideas of Karl Marx and once again believe in the ideas espoused by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations. But, that can only happen if we start calling socialists out for being authoritarians. Bernies ideas are the road to serfdom. Americans need to know that. Doing what Scott Walker says in this quote on socialism and freedom and educating others on how the two are mutually exclusive is a great way to show them that fact.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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