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Say “Merry Christmas,” Not “Happy Holidays”

Just Say “Merry Christmas.” That’s What We’re Celebrating

Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful Americans, Christians, and patriots! Not only have we almost made it through 2020, but also it’s the most wonderful day of the year. The (symbolic) day that Christ was born and God came to Earth in human form. It’s the most important and wonderful day of the year.

So, don’t be afraid to say “Merry Christmas.” Just say it. Be a brave Christian and let everyone know that you believe in the Lord and are joyously celebrating his symbolic birthday. And don’t be afraid to do so; that’s what we’re celebrating. It’s Christmas, not some vague, pagan-sounding “winter holiday.”

What we have seen happen in past years is semi-Orwellian. Institutions from schools to businesses have stopped saying “Merry Christmas” and instead say “Happy Holidays.” In so doing, they are erasing the Christian roots of America. This is not a nation that celebrates Frosty the Snowman, the Winter Solstice, or any other pagan or heathen holidays. The federally recognized holiday that we are celebrating is Christmas. We don’t have a day (or days) off so that we can be Norse pagans and burn a Yule Log. We are celebrating Christmas.

The cultural Marxists in our midst want to do away with Christmas and all other religious facets of American life. They hate that our Declaration of Independence calls on “Nature’s God,” do their best to erase nativity scenes from town squares, want to wipe away all references to God or religion, and look down on Christians.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans have bought into that. The Democrats have; they never say “Merry Christmas.” Big Business has; I had to visit multiple supermarkets yesterday before I found one where staff members said “Merry Christmas” rather than “Put on a mask!” and/or “Happy Holidays.” And the leftist run education system, both lower and higher, has too. Who has received a “Merry Christmas” card from their alma mater in recent years? Other than those who attended religious institutions, probably no one.

Their main excuse for abandoning Christmas is “freedom of religion.” That’s an absurdity. The 1st Amendment means you have the right to believe in whatever you want, no matter how ridiculous. But it doesn’t mean that you can use your atheism or belief in something other than Christianity as an excuse to bludgeon Christianity and erase America’s past. And make no mistake, America is a Christian country. Our laws, culture, and history prove that to be true.

Americans used to recognize that. Washington gave famous prayers, including his “Prayer for His Country.” FDR gave a wonderful prayer right before D-Day. Reagan called on God, such as when he said “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under,” and many in the government at that time denounced the Soviet Union as an evil state because of its atheism. But now, other than Trump, who brought Christmas back to the White House, America’s political leaders, business leaders, and educators are openly hostile to religion, especially Christmas. Obama, for example, did away with Christmas in the White House.

Fight back against that by doing one thing: say “Merry Christmas.” Don’t say Happy Holidays. Pray in Jesus’s name. Let everyone know about the miracle that happened today all those years ago and why you are so excited to celebrate it.

The “Happy Holidays” tyrants want to get rid of Christmas and Christianity. They don’t care about the truth, which is that “Happy Holidays” is non-sensical because we’re celebrating Christmas. They don’t care about your beliefs as a Christian; in fact, they think you’re provincial for not being an atheist. And they don’t care about America’s traditions; they think it’s evil and want to fundamentally change it. Fight the culture war by saying “Merry Christmas.” That’s the only way we’ll beat them and win their war against Christianity and Christian life in America.

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By: Gen Z Conservative