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Humor: Save Your Money By Switching Back to Trump

I posted a version of this meme a while ago, but, while I normally avoid posting variations of the same meme, the problem is that things just keep getting worse. So, while it might have been accurate to say “save 15% or more by switching to Trump” a few short months ago, the Bidenflation disaster and his tax plans mean that that number is just too low. Thanks to Biden, we’re losing more money than ever.

The dual-headed beast of high taxation and rising inflation is destroying the savings of the average American and the prosperity of our nation as a whole.

On one hand, if you don’t spend your money, it’ll disappear at a rate of 6% a year thanks to inflation. Or be whittled away by taxes on unrealized gains, if the Democrats get their way on that preposterous plan.

On the other hand, you don’t have much money to spend. Not only have goods grown more scarce thanks to supply chain issues (issues which are still present, partially, at least, thanks to Mayor Pete’s decision to play house rather than go to work), but also they’re getting more expensive thanks to both rising inflation and the ominous specter of higher taxes.

Companies, dumb as they might be about the CRT issue and in which candidates they support, are still smart enough when it comes to the bottom line. If input prices are rising thanks to supply chain issues and inflation, they’ll pass those costs on to you. And if they have to pay more in taxes, they’ll go ahead and pass that on to you as well. Thanks, Joe!

So, want to avoid that? Want a fatter wallet, fuller pantry, and growing bank account? Vote Republican. Yes, the GOP is full of weaklings and cowards that will never find a defeat they can’t pluck from the jaws of victory or a culture war issue they won’t back down on at the first sign of leftist resistance.

But, and much as I might hate being positive about that gang of Chamberlains, they are pretty good when it comes to economic issues. For some reason, they’ve made taxation the hill they’re not afraid to die on (probably because it’s one of the few issues where the r-r-r-r-racist! slur doesn’t make much sense or stick), so they’ll fight for you on that issue.

Similarly, they’re at least competent enough to understand that spending ever more amounts of government money, usually created through the issuance of debt and the money printers at the Fed, isn’t a great idea. Yes, they won’t fight against spending as much as they’ll fight against taxation, as the turncoats that went along with the Diet Green New Deal showed us. But still, they at least get that it’s a problem, which is better than the Democrats.

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That means that, if you want to tackle inflation and defend your earnings from the greedy, spendthrift hands of the government, then you need to vote Republican in each and every election, especially the ones in 2022 and 2024.

If you have to hold your nose, do so. If you have to have enough drinks to get beer goggles and make the GOP candidate for your district look good enough (they are doing government work, after all. Excellence would be nice, but isn’t required), do so. Unfortunately, our last hope lies with them. If the Democrats solidify their power in the legislature and executive branch, your money and America’s prosperity will be gone with the wind.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.