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Samuel Adams on Defending Liberty: Fight For It at Any Cost

The Quote by Samuel Adams on Defending Liberty:

“The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” -Samuel Adams on Defending Liberty

My Take on this Samuel Adams Quote

In my opinion, this quote by Samuel Adams on defending liberty is one that needs to be broadcast across America at the moment. Far, far too many people are cowering at home, hiding from a disease little worse than the common flu. Instead of working to defend their precious, God-given freedom, they’re begging the government to take it away and save them from the discomfort of having a cough.

That’s absurd. America is a nation founded on the principle of liberty at any cost, not safety at the price of precious liberty. In fact, Samuel Adams has some other quotes on that very subject. His quotes on liberty and safety and preserving liberty are especially important to keep in mind right now because they get to the root of the issue of what Americans should value.

But, more than anything else, I think Americans need to keep in mind this quote by Samuel Adams on defending liberty. We imagine that if our liberty is stripped from us, then that will b done by some invading force.

However, Red Dawn is unlikely. Oppressors from across the ocean aren’t going to parachute into our cities and steal our liberty.

Instead, as Abraham Lincoln noted in his quote on lost freedoms, if we lose our liberty it is likely because of problems within the nation. Namely, that problem is that people are short-sighted and prefer to feel safe in the moment than free in the long run.

That’s completely inimical to the American spirit. Read this quote by Samuel Adams on defending liberty and then read it again. Does he say it’s okay to not defend liberty as long as there’s a cough going around? Or should we forget what’s in the now lost Constitution just because some petty tyrant from your local government says you have to stay inside?

No, of course he doesn’t. The Founding Fathers knew that liberty, once lost, is difficult to restore. So, to keep it, you have to defend it from the outset. Americans used to do that, but in recent years our defense of liberty has waned. We’ve allowed the PATRIOT Act, ATF regulations, and traitors like John Brennan in the CIA to destroy our once-cherished liberty. We must reverse that trend.

Keep this quote by Samuel Adams on defending liberty in mind! It is the duty of every American to defend their God-given liberty, no matter what the government says.

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And make no mistake, thanks to the abominable actions of the new Biden Administration, such as his push for new and more restrictive gun control, we need to get ready to defend liberty with as much strength as is possible. As Churchill said in his famous speech, get ready to “fight them on the beaches.

These might seem like dark times. In large part, they are. The election was stolen from Trump. Biden is even more radical than we imagined. Nothing seems to be going our way. But that doesn’t mean that we should give in, much less that we have to. Read this quote by Samuel Adams on defending liberty; we must fight for it at any cost. There’s no excuse not to do so. Even if our system perishes in the struggle, fighting for liberty will certainly be worth it.

By: Gen Z Conservative