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The Ruling Class Hates the Idea of Putting America First

If you’re an American, the concept of why putting America First is a good idea for you shouldn’t be that hard to grasp.

A new factory in your town means more money flowing to construction companies and contractors in the area, more jobs for residents and new arrivals that will add to the total size of the area’s economy, more business generated for stores in the area, and more money deposited in local banks that can be used for loans to local businesses. It’s a huge win for you, your town, and everyone in it. A new factory in China, however, means none of that for you. At best, it means you can spend $1 less on a pair of sneakers or 5% less on a plasma screen TV. At worst, it means a factory was shipped out of your town, thus leading to the reverse of all the benefits from one moving in; jobs will disappear, ancillary businesses will crumble, capital will dry up, and the area will die. The America First outcome creates a prosperous America; the America Last solution leads to marginally cheaper consumer goods and economic devastation.

Every real American, for that reason, supports America First policies.

They want to build new pipelines out of American steel to transport American oil to American refineries, thus creating jobs for men and women involved in all those industries and all the industries touched by them; recognizing that even if oil is a nickel more expensive per barrel, that is far better than importing it from Middle Eastern sheiks that hate our religion and way of life.

They want companies, from high-tech manufacturers like Apple and Foxconn to t-shirt and sneaker producers, to build factories here. The jobs gained, the local economic benefits reaped, far outweigh whatever small, marginal cost there is in producing good stamped with Old Glory rather than the red banner of the CCP.

Plus, having businesses located here rather than in some communist nation in the Orient means that supply chains can’t be disrupted as easily and that when we buy goods we’re not funding the militaries of nations that hate us.

They don’t want the government spending millions on gender programs in Pakistan or trillions on forever wars in some hellhole abroad, nor do they want subsidies for Israel or “targeted investment” in Africa.

Instead, they want the govenrment to take less out of their paycheck and to spend what it does take on national defense and infrastructure at home.

The elites, of course, hate all of that.

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Corporate raiders like Mitt Romney take companies over, break them up, and outsource as many jobs as possible to improve their profits by a paltry few basis points. They don’t put America first, they put their bank account first.

Globalist-minded elites like George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and others are uncomfortable with America being great. To feel better, they publicaly apologize for America while working behind the scenes to weaken it. They don’t want to put America first. They want to put the “global community” first. Hence why they’re now calling for the UN to investigate racism in the US and destroying American sovreignty by letting in millions of illegals.

Then there are the global dogooders. Whether the Peace Corps types or the John McCain/Liz Cheney/James Mattis types, their focus isn’t on making the US better off. Rather, it’s to spend American resources on going out and doing “good” in the world. It’s thanks to them we spend billions of taxpayer dollars on foreign subsidies and aid, have spent trillions on forever wars on behalf of nations that hate us, and spilled American blood in every hellish corner of the world. Killing an uneducated Islamist in the darkest corner of Somalia does little to nothing for us, but it makes “men” like Mattis feel good, so we do it.

In short, no elitist policy puts America First. Instead, both Democrats and Republicans in the halls of power have worked to weaken America. Mitt Romney shipped its jobs overseas, Cheney squandered its military power, and Obama apologized for American greatness. Our treasure, blood, and patience have been squandered on pointless causes thanks to a self-loathing, greedy elite.

No other nation does that. No other nation puts the “global community” first and itself last. Israel does what is best for Israel. China does what is best for China. Russia does what is best for Russia.

That’s because, in those nations, nationhood still means something. They’re proud of their histories, place value on national prestige, and want to see life improve at home.

They don’t care about the economic situation for Bangkok, New Dehli, or Kuala Lumpur, but rather about how each business decision affects life in Tel Aviv, Beijing, or Moscow.

To Putin, what happens in St. Petersburg matters far more than the quality of life for some mining day laborer in the Central African Republic, as is right. A leader should care about his people, not the lot of foreigners; nations are not global do-gooders but rather collections of people working to preserve a similar culture and set of values.

Donald Trump was the first president in a long time that recognized that.

He didn’t want to send American troops to die protecting some Kurdish village (the Kurds, by the way, are responsible for the Armenian genocide. They’re not good people.), nor did he want to waste American treasure subsidizing gender studies programs in Pakistan.

He didn’t care if Big Business profits could improve by 1% if they sent factories overseas; he wanted American workers to have jobs with dignity, jobs that would let them support a family while also having time to spend with that family and on their hobbies.

He wanted their persons and property secure from crime, their way of life safe from being displaced by millions of illegal immigrants, and their military strong but not involved unless absolutely necessary abroad.

In other words, he wanted to recreate the America that existed when its leaders put America First rather than America last.

And that’s why the elites hated him with such a startling intensity. It wasn’t that they really hated his mean tweets, cared all that much about his occassional vulgarity, or gave a single damn about the lot of the illegals he had locked up along the border.

No, it was that they despise the average American worker, seeing him as being undeducated, unenlightened, and unimportant. They care about being part of the cosmopolitan elite, an elite relatively similar whether found in New York, LA, London, or Berlin. That tie of elitism binds them far more tightly than any national bond with the gumtious American on an oil rig near New Orleans or toiling away in a car-upholstry manufacturer outside Detroit. They’d rather help their friends in Oxford, England than build a bright future for the forestry major graduating from Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi; they’d rather appease the elites that vacation in villas near Rome, Italy than develop policies that protect the carpet manufacturer near Rome, GA.

And they hated Trump for reminding the American populace that their leaders should care about them. Since HW, we’d gotten used to rotten, corrupt elites focused on the global good rather than putting America First. Republican or Democrat, those elites didn’t care about or help the American people; in fact, with America Last trade policies like NAFTA, they created vacuums that sucked jobs out of the heartland and dropped them in some sun-baked or jungle-surrounded hellhole abroad.

No longer. That elite hatred of America First policies, policies rooted in nationalism rather than globalism, love of country rather than love of money, will continue. But they won’t be in power. Whether it’s Trump on the right or left-wing populists on the left, politicians will be elected based on what they will do for America rather than what they will do for the world.

Good. That’s how it should be.

By: Gen Z Conservative.