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Rubio BLOWS UP on AOC: Socialists Should move to Socialist Countries

Rubio went off on AOC recently, tearing her to pieces on Hannity for championing the evil ideology of socialism and claiming that it is good but capitalism is “irredeemable.” Speaking on her, Rubio said:

Yes. I am not surprised by those comments. Those comments are the mainstream of the Democratic Party. They woke up and decided that Marxism is right and the Cold War should not have ended. I don’t understand why they don’t move to it another country. In the real world and I neighborhood I grew up in and my family, capitalism is not big corporations.

It’s the small business owner starting it out of the basement of their home or garage. That’s not possible in any system but the capitalist free enterprise system. Someone can help here legally and in a sport period of time own a business and provide for their families and jobs for others like them. It’s a great debate. We should have it. It’s important to reinvigorate the belief in capitalism. But embracing socialism. That’s now the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

Hannity responded, further tearing into AOC and the ridiculous policies that she champions, saying:

She wants this green new deal. Cradle to grave and redistribution of wealth. I have a heard time undering where this belief that government can be successful, the same government that bankrupted social security and Medicare. There was foe lock box. They raided — no. They squandered the money. The same people that destroyed our school system across the country.

The same people that promised keep your doctor and save money, while millions lost their doctors and care and we are playing 200% more. The same people that can’t keep law and order. Why trust them with any aspect of our daily lives?

At that point Rubio took the opportunity to blow up on socialism and describe it as being about power and control, not affecting noble ideals:

Socialism is not about economics. It’s a big mistake that we make. Socialism has nothing to do… it’s about power. It’s about the ability to control people. If you control where people work, if you control how much they make, if you control who owns what, then you can control what they say. You can control who they can hire. You can control what they can sell, what they can do, what hours they can open.

It’s about power. It’s about control. That’s what socialism has always been about. Socialism, ultimately, is not possible. The socialism [AOC is] talking about, and they talk about is really not possible without a government that actually controls every aspect of your life because…

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That’s why I don’t think they’re that troubled by inflation. I think they like the fact that inflation’s run amok and that prices are high because that just means that they can come in with the argument that, ‘You see, the market can’t provide for your needs, only a government check can, only a government guarantee can.’

It plays right into their hands, but again, socialism is not about economics. It’s about power. It’s about control. That’s why people flee it. That’s why Miami, you know, has inherited 800,000 to a million people from Latin America who flee socialism because it fails and it destroys lives.

Rubio is right, both about socialism and people like AOC. It’s an evil, corrupt ideology and AOC should go try it out. Hopefully she has fun in Venezuela or North Korea.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.