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Let Me Help You with That Root Cause Analysis, Kamala

Well, our Vice president, Kamala Harris has finally decided to venture to the southern border.  No one is sure why she chose El Paso Texas, when the acknowledged epicenter of the problem is the area of McAllen, Texas in the Rio Grande valley about 800 miles away.  Maybe she got a heads up and wanted to get a photo-op with the little girl who asked her how she became VP.  I’ll bet millions of Americans could explain to the girl why she became the VP pick even though she was the first to drop out of the presidential race due to Democrats and her own state not supporting her candidacy.

President Media Whisperer gave Harris the job to, among other things, resolve the border surge which was overwhelming the Border Patrol agents and other enforcement officials a few months ago.  Every day since then Americans have been asking the obvious question, “When will she visit the border?”  Soon after the questions started hitting the Press Secretary, Jen Psaki explained that the VP was not really tasked with going to the border but instead would be visiting the Northern Triangle countries to determine the elusive ‘Root Causes’ for the border surge.

In my job as a manufacturing engineer, I was often required to do root cause analysis. My engineering group was required to attend classes on the methods used in the process.  However, I supported a manufacturing line and whenever a problem with a part or procedure slowed or stopped the line, I didn’t form a team (Congress calls them committees) to investigate and find the root cause, not if I wanted to remain employed.  I had to get the offending part off the line, send it for inspection and get new parts delivered, modify the process, or whatever else was necessary to get the line running again, ASAP.  Root cause analysis came later. But the key point was I had to be at the line station to understand the problem.

It doesn’t take formal training in problem solving to know when you have a crisis which is recognized as such by everyone except the Biden administration and the Democrats with bylines, also known as the media. It is incumbent to first go observe the problem.  In this case, our much smarter Vice President chose to visit Mexico and Guatemala.  I am fairly sure you can’t see McAllen from there.  So, the VP explained to the inquiring minds of the media that she is only now visiting the border (sort of) because this was the second step in her process to see the effects, with the first being the trip to Mexico and Guatemala for the old root cause determination.  Yet, before even reaching a consensus regarding those root causes, Harris told Guatemalans, “Don’t come” to the United States.  I don’t think she meant it. 

She got some support for her methods from Texas congresswoman Victoria Escobar, who welcomed Harris with, “Welcome to my home. Welcome to the new Ellis Island.” Escobar then proceeded to praise the VP, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and the president for their attention to the problem.  Another Texas Democrat, Henry Cuellar blasted the Biden-Harris team and their methods.

On a side note, that particular comment by Escobar is offensive to me, personally.  My four grandparents entered this country through Ellis Island, one of the designated entry points for legal immigrants coming to this country, with legal being the operative word.  To compare El Paso or any low water crossing on the Rio Grande to Ellis Island is outrageous and proof that Congresswoman Escobar is an ignoramus who should resign her seat and study up on the history of Ellis Island and legal immigration before opening her mouth again in public.

So here is the help I can offer if Harris or anyone else who needs to understand what is causing this crisis.

Let’s start with President Asterisk telling anyone within earshot they had 100 days to get to the U.S.  And they responded.  But they won’t have to worry about any border wall, since Biden stopped construction as soon as he entered the Oval Office. The coyotes will lead their customers to the gaps in the wall.

Then, we can add President Sleepy Joe overturning the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy of the Trump administration that returned asylum seekers to Mexico to await their court dates.

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Recently, Attorney General Merrick Garland overturned a Trump Justice Department ruling that placed restrictions on individuals claiming asylum based on gang violence.

Now there is talk that Biden may rescind Title 42, another Trump policy that allowed Border Patrol to rapidly expel illegal immigrants for public health reasons, which has resulted in thousands being booted.  I guess the leftists pulling Joe’s strings are not concerned with illegal immigrants potentially carrying diseases being dispersed into the country.  But don’t you dare go to church wearing a mask and sit next to someone.

There you have it, Kamala Harris, the root causes you have been doggedly seeking!  I managed to pull this off for you without taking any trip, forming a study group, or consulting with foreign leaders! All it took was a review of Biden-Harris immigration actions since you first contaminated the White House in January.

You are welcome.

By Dave Agusta

Dave Agusta is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, where this post originally appeared. He is an Air Force Veteran, a solid conservative, and a true patriot.