October 25, 2020

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Ronald Reagan last stand on earth quote

Ronald Reagan Last Stand on Earth Quote

Reagan’s Quote about the Last Stand on Earth:

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” –Ronald Reagan Last Stand on Earth Quote’

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My Thoughts on Ronald Reagan’s Last Stand on Earth Quote:

This Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote is an outtake from the absolutely amazing speech that launched Ronald Reagan’s hugely successful political career. That speech was entitled “A Time for Choosing” and he gave it in October of 1964 to support Barry Goldwater’s presidential run. Why was that “A Time for Choosing” speech so consequential for Reagan’s political career? Because of the sentiments expressed in it. In this Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote, Reagan sums up just what the stakes were for Americans that were fighting the Cold War.

The Soviet Union was threatening America and Western Europe as state after state in the decolonized third world fell to communism. Cuba had defeated the Cuban mercenaries that launched the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Additionally, China had fallen to communism and Vietnam was in the process of falling to Chinese-backed communists. Western Europe was hesitant to intervene and stave off communism’s advance. So, given the past decades and global situation, this Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote makes lots of sense.

The global situation was extremely dark, so it resonated with Americans when Reagan said that America is the last stand on freedom on Earth. The accuracy and gravity of his “A Time for Choosing” speech helped show Americans the immediacy of the communism problem and helped them recover from the horrid stench of failure in Vietnam, as recorded in Stalking the Vietcong and Blackjack-33, and of course The Best and the Brightest.

America had struggled with how to deal with communism effectively, hence why this Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote was important as a rallying-cry for freedom-loving Americans. Although some of our political figures urged a strong response when dealing with communist nations, others were more in favor of a peaceful and conciliatory stance. That’s because none of them could understand the thoughts behind this Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote.

They had fallen into the same trap as many other politicians; by seeking peace, they negotiated with the communists. Those negotiations were the greatest mistake of the 20th Century, and the lesson learned by them (that communists don’t negotiate in good faith) was the most important lesson of the 20th Century.

By saying that America’s stance against the spread of communism was “the last stand on Earth” in his speech, Reagan showed that he and Barry Goldwater wouldn’t make that mistake. They wouldn’t accommodate the evil socialist system that had killed so many people. Instead, they would defend freedom and capitalism, the two things that socialists hate the most, at all costs. Ronald Reagan showed that preserving freedom should be of paramount importance. And that rallied Americans to him. Although Goldwater lost, his candidacy helped propel Reagan to the presidency. Because of him, we can hear such knowledge as this Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote.

Conclusion: Americans Need to Hear this Ronald Reagan Last Stand on Earth Quote

America is still the last stand on Earth. Like much of the Founding Fathers’ advice, such as George Washington’s quote about the importance of studying politics, this “Ronald Reagan Last Stand on Earth quote” is timeless advice. In a situation reminiscent of Atlas Shrugged, America is the last beacon of capitalism and freedom. The Ronald Reagan last stand on Earth quote is truly accurate; we are the last place left.

Everywhere else is socialist and unfree. Russia is a state ruled by thugs. China is still a communist nation. South America, Africa, and Europe are ruled mainly by leftist, socialist leaders that favor regulation and taxes over the magic formula of economic success (free market capitalism).

Socialism begets tyranny. Capitalism begets freedom. As America is the last stand of capitalism, it is also the last stand of freedom. Just look at the tyranny in Great Britain, where the British police restrict free speech. Or gun control in New Zealand, where a leftist government is confiscating firearms.

Even the Western world is becoming tyrannical. America is truly the last stand of freedom, but that is slipping away as the Democratic Party becomes ever more Marxist and racist. Because of that, we need to take this Reagan quote from “A Time for Choosing” to heart; we can no longer make concessions to evil socialist states. Instead, we need to fight for freedom and capitalism.

Freedom, democracy, and capitalism all work together; they lead to a just and virtuous society as I noted in my “John Galt Justice Quote” post. Conversely, tyranny, dictatorships, and socialism are all birds of a feather. America is the last light of freedom, justice, democracy, and capitalism.

We need to listen to this “Ronald Reagan Last Stand on Earth” quote and fight for those values. Fight for democracy. Fight to preserve freedom. Be a strong-willed American and do what Ronald Reagan would do. He knew that we are the last stand of freedom. So should you.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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