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“Weak Minded Folks”: Larry the Cable Guy Slams Those Attacking Rogan

Well, the left finally came after Rogan. It’s been brewing for a while now, especially since he started bringing on people whose opinions on Covid and the jab aren’t necessarily in line with what Fauci and Co. what you to think.

Of course, that wasn’t the top reason they gave for going after him, that would have been too obvious. Instead, they accused him of…you guessed it, r-r-r-r-r-racism! and released an edited clip of him using the word that must not be said without context (he was quoting others, not using the word in the manner presented by the video). Of course, everyone with a brain knows that Joe isn’t a racist, but the attack caught regardless and now Joe is under heavy assault from the leftists on Twitter.

While such a cancellation attempt isn’t shocking, as it’s what the blue hairs do since they know they can’t win unless they terrify their enemies into silence, it’s still disappointing, especially since so many of Joe’s “friends” have either remained silent or attacked him in the press, parroting lines they know are nothing more than media-concocted lies in the hope of staying in the good graces of the leftist cancel culture mob just a bit longer. The desire to be eaten by the tiger last is certainly strong among Joe’s “friends.”

Still, a brave few have stepped up and slammed the attempt to cancel him, calling it what it is: ridiculous.

One such brave, pro-free speech public figure is Larry the Cable Guy. He blasted the mob trying to cancel Rogan, saying “This country has so many week minded folks. People in 3rd world countries don’t get offended at words and podcasts because they’re to busy trying to find food, avoiding encephalitis and fleeing from genocidal dictatorships. So ponder that next time you’re “literally shaking.”’

I’m “literally shaking” after reading that. How insensitive of him!

After his jab at those who are “literally” shaking over Joe quoting people that used the word that must not be named, the crowd that was literally shaking went on to literally shake a bit more, freaking out that he dared to say that perhaps they should stop clutching their pearls and focus on the bigger things. Here are some of the highlights:

It’s not “being offended”. It’s allowing oppression and deadly misinformation or standing up to it. We are fortunate to not be a 3rd world country and have the obligation to do better. We can’t do that by ignoring its existence. Why are you threatened by it?

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Then there’s this, which totally misses the point:

And apparently one of the people who was “literally shaking” is also delusional enough to think that speech is violence. Shocker:

It’s weak, not week. They shouldn’t try to find food in third world countries, it should be given to them-they should be helped. Nevertheless, you desire to live in a world where insulting people is morally acceptable. This uncivilized ideology is the precipice to violence.

Thankfully, at least one person got his point and quoted a famous saying about weak men and easy times, one highly relevant to today:

The fact that so many people freaked out over Larry saying that perhaps they should focus on bigger things is indicative of the problem: they refuse to do so at all and instead freak out about every dissenting opinion. I’m literally shaking about how foolish they are.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.