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The RINOs Aren’t Holding the Line. Stop Trusting Them

Republican politicians, especially RINO senators, are almost always disappointments once in office. Far from fighting for what they claim to hold dear, they squander whatever power they might have on working toward “compromise” with the enemy, the radical left.

But you’d have trouble believing that if you only heard their campaign speeches. “You must vote for us!” they claim, “We’re the only ones holding the line between you and radicals like AOC and Ilhan Omar.” They launch volley after volley of verbal arrows against socialism, tear into the profligacy of the Democrats, viciously attack the bureaucracy, and seemingly compete with each other to see who can promise the largest tax cuts, most extensive defenses of liberty, and greatest restoration of American values.

Were those speeches true, our military would rival the legions of Augustus in its glory and accomplishments, American culture would be firmly rooted in the pro-American, anti-communist outlook of the 50s, traditional values, especially American values, would be held dear by the government and the citizenry, and welfare benefits would be slashed to the bone. There’d be no Obamacare, Social Security would be privatized, and the national debt and deficit would be in control. What a glorious republic ours would be!

Oh, and “Please,” they always beg, “donate a bit more to our PAC/campaign/favored think tank. We need your dollars to fight back against Nancy Pelosi and the radical left. They’re raising more than us!” That favor is always asked at the end, almost as a blackmail threat; “donate enough or we’ll let the left ravage you.”

However, once the Republican politicians get into the House, Senate, or White House, they’re a bit less fiery (President Trump being exempted). They don’t fight for their constituents, refuse to take any action that would roll back the welfare state or bureaucratic apparatus, and do little to further conservative values or our agenda.

Even the promise of defending us in the most basic manner isn’t met; the Senate and House could have stopped the FBI from relentlessly and baselessly attacking the Trump presidency, could have stood up for the groups persecuted by the IRS, could have passes laws that restrained the left and advanced conservative values.

But they never did any of that, nor do they ever act in a way that would show their allegiance to conservatism. Instead, they play buddy-buddy with the same leftists they savaged on the campaign trail, waste effort on pointless signaling exercises, and whittle away their time on tasks that make little difference in the long term (all those judges are coming in helpful now, aren’t they Mitch? Now that SCOTUS has greenlit Obamacare once again?). They don’t fight for conservative values, or even America. They just sit there, enjoying their time in power, recording a few sound bites, and having a good time on the D.C. cocktail circuit.

The bureaucracy, military-industrial complex, out-of-control intelligence agencies, and New Deal/Great Society-spawned welfare state are seemingly sacrosanct; almost no one will touch them, or even speak about it! Power isn’t wielded because the leftists could “use it against us later” (as if they’re not already doing so), and the authority of the state isn’t exercised in a way that crushes our enemies and advances our agenda. Doing anything resembling such dramatic actions, actions well justified by the continual train of abuses inflicted upon us by the radical left, is never discussed by the politicians meant to represent and protect us from the socialist left.

Until it’s time to get elected again, that is. Then they go back into die hard conservative mode, trotting out the same tired old tropes to get reelected.

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What’s worse is that we fall for it! Rather than calling them on their lies and perfidy, rather than voting for real conservatives, we keep electing the same useless politicians that have sold us down the river time and time again.

Well, no more. Every Republican that voted for “Juneteenth,” that absurd celebration of CRT and attack on America, needs to be primaried and voted out. Yes, I know that means every Senator and almost every member of the House of Reps. Such disgusting specimens are unfit to govern; they’re willing to foist a holiday meant to attack our history and values upon the country! It’s no wonder they won’t stand up to Big Tech, Big Business, China, or the gay lobby; they won’t even fight against critical race theory!

Now there is no room for error. The radical leftists want to dramatically raise taxes, put CRT into our schools, turn the military woke, use tech censorship to crush conservative thought, use accusations of racism to silence conservative dissent, force us to bend the knee on everything from gun rights to masks and continue discriminating against straight white men. They must be stopped, which means we must find politicians that will stop them. The current crop of GOP losers, a sorry bunch of cowards and liars, isn’t the generation that will stand up to the left.

Those RINOs need to go. They’re not holding the line. They’re not fighting the culture war for you. They’re ceding ground in the name of bipartisanship and letting leftists destroy our nation in the name of compromise.

Well, Ayn Rand was right; just as there can be no compromise between food and poison, there can be no compromise between good and evil. Whatever GOP politicians act like there can be need to be booted to the curb and replaced with real conservatives that will fight for conservative values.

Stop trusting the RINOs that keep selling you down the river. They view you with the same contempt that the Democratic elites do; the duopoly acts to preserve itself, not to fulfill its promises by rocking the boat. Vote for people that will wield power once it is handed to them, not the bowtied virgins “principled conservatives” that refuse to act when doing so is necessary and practicable.

By: Gen Z Conservative