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RINO Wrecked: Meghan McCain Demolished on Twitter for Saying the GOP can Win Without Trump in 2024

Meghan McCain, TV personality and “conservative” political commentator, is, like her late father, a RINO that’s always willing to find enemies to her right and friends to her left. Though she has mostly faded into irrelevance, Meghan popped back into the news this week when she set off a Twitter firestorm. What’d she do? She made the typical RINO mistake and attacked Trump without provocation, claiming that the GOP could win without him in 2024:

The tweet quickly sparked outrage, with conservatives in the Twitterverse attacking her, her father’s failed attempt at the presidency, her insistence on fracturing the conservative movement at a time where it should have been united over Youngkin’s victory in the Old Dominion, and many other things, often in hilarious or pointed fashion. Check out some of the best replies below:

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What many of the tweets hit on is something Meghan should have understood from the start: the brand of RINO, weak, holier than thou conservatism that her father represented and she now represents simply isn’t popular among the American populace. Average Americans want a pro-American brawler like Trump, not a live and let live softie like Meghan.

Plus, Meghan misses that Youngkin only won because of his connection to Trump.

Trump endorsed Youngkin immediately after his nomination and praised him in a phone rally, trying to push the MAGA base toward Youngkin. Plus, as The Washington Post reported“The entire Youngkin campaign was built around ‘America first’ policies so it meant he didn’t have a lot to prove,” said a person familiar with the conversations who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. “If you are someone who believes Trump always has to be scorching the earth then you are going to be disappointed. If you are someone who believes that winning is important then you are going to be happy.”

So no, it doesn’t look like the GOP can win without Trump. Trump’s brand of conservative is the popular, winning one.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.