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This Trump-Hating RINO Just Got Destroyed

Don’t you just despise the Trump-hating RINOs? They’re the ones who, when the most conservative president since Reagan was in the White House, leading a GOP-dominated Senate and House, stabbed him in the back in the name of…some vague idea about him not being as “presidential” as they might like.

Though he was willing to do everything that real conservatives have wanted, from stopping illegal immigration to cutting taxes, from rebuilding the military to taking on Red China, they spat on him and viciously slandered him on leftist networks. Because they, the talking-head NPCs and thoughtless, spineless politicians, were told to believe that the orange man was bad, they went ahead and threw away the best chance we had to put everything we’ve wanted to do for decades into action.

But, while it’s infuriating that we failed in many things because of those RINOs, it’s been fun to watch them bite the dust as Teflon Don bounces back time and time again. First it was Jeb! Bush. Then Romney and McCain. Then the Lincoln Project pedos. Then Liz Cheney. Now it’s soon to be former Rep. John Katko, a POS RINO that backed Trump’s impeachment. He, like many of his new buddies, the Democrats, won’t be running again in 2022.

Trump, cheering Katko the RINO’s decision not to face what surely would have been a brutal walloping in the midterms, wrote “Great news, another one bites the dust. Katko, from Upstate New York, is gone!”

Of course, Katko’s trying to play his decision to run away with his tail between his legs as something other than his fearing getting decimated by the GOP base. In the statement, after speaking about his desire to spend time with his family, he says “That’s why, after 32 years of public service, I have decided not to seek re-election to Congress, so that I can enjoy my family and life in a fuller and more present way.

Sure, John. So long as you slink away like the coward you’ve proven yourself to be, we’ll let you keep mumbling that to yourself between your chants of “orange man bad.” We all know what you’re really doing and why. It couldn’t be more obvious.

And Katko isn’t the only RINO to run away while Trump just keeps chugging forward. As the Election Wizard reported on Twitter:

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All the losers are, well, losing. Average GOP voters are tired of the pompous, silk-stockinged losers that represent corporate interests over real American values.

So, though the RINOs, whether loser politicians like Katko or unlistened to pundits like Jonah Goldberg, can pat themselves on the back for being more “decent” than the bad orange man, we’re all happy to see them slink away like the beaten dogs they are while Trump’s popularity rises faster than Bidenflation.

I, for one, couldn’t be happier than to see them go. When the red wave comes, it will need to be composed of real Americans, not cowards like Katko.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.