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Review of Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart


Many of you have probably been on It’s a great website for those of us that don’t trust the lying MSM (Main Stream Media). But, do you know anything about the man that founded it, Andrew Breitbart? What about the conservative, “New Media” that it represents? My guess is that your answer to both questions is probably no. I know mine was. To correct that, you need to read Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart.

In Righteous Indignation, Breitbart discusses how he became a conservative, why he became a conservative, how the Democratic Party and MSM are aligned to support each other, and what conservatives can do so combat that axis of socialism.

Summary of Righteous Indignation

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are 4 main parts of Righteous Indignation. Those four parts chart the growth and development of now only Andrew Breitbart, but also the new conservative movement of online media.

Breitbart begins by describing how and why he became a conservative. The summary of that character development is that although his parents were conservatives of the “Silent Majority” type, he gradually became a liberal before heading off to college. Then, because his idea of what to look for in a college was far different than what it should be, he lived a hedonistic lifestyle for his four years.

Even after college, he remained a liberal for a short while. But, with the Clarence Thomas confirmation, in which Democrats attacked and slandered a conservative judge with accusations of rape just because he understood how to correctly interpret the Consitution, Breitbart became a conservative. Seeing the Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy preset in that confirmation made him gradually shift towards being a conservative.

Additional life experiences gradually pushed Breitbart closer and closer to the conservative movement, until he finally began to listen to Rush Limbaugh and became a true conservative.

Then, Breitbart focused on how he spread conservative ideals. He worked with other conservatives in Hollywood to use the “New Media” sites, like websites and newsletters such as the Drudge Report (which Breitbart mentions quite frequently) to push back against the Democratic-Media complex. Now, that mantel is also being taken up by conservative blogs like this one and The New Movement, and by conservative talk shows like The Common Sense Show.

And despite their lack of funding and experience, that early group of online conservatives and libertarians was able to succeed! Drudge was instrumental in pushing the conservative narrative about Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal and making sure people knew about Clinton’s lying to Congress.

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Later, Breitbart was able to use that experience to take down ACORN, a liberal group the Obama Administration had the US Census partner with for voter registration. ACORN was acting illegally and helping out pimps. He also used it to take down Anthony Weiner during the Weinergate controversy.

But, even after reading about all those experiences, the most impactful part of Righteous Indignation is when Breitbart discusses Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the tactics of the modern left. Namely, those tactics consist of calling every conservative a racist, labeling everyone to the right of Karl Marx a “far-right extremist,” and constantly being on the offense to force conservatives on the defensive.

They want to convince the American people that we’re committing thought crimes simply by existing and that any criticism of Democrats is a vast, right-wing conspiracy. To combat those tactics of leftist agitators with radical ideologies, Breitbart lays out the rules he used for success. They’re rules every conservative should know, so I’ll list them here as the final part of my summary of Righteous Indignation.

  1. Don’t be afraid to go into enemy territory. Be willing to fight the left on its own turf, such as liberal talk shows, even if it’s uncomfortable.
  2. Expose the left for who they are- in their own words. Many on the left are liars, racists, and hypocrites. Show that to the American people.
  3. Be open about your secrets. That way, you won’t have to lie like Elizbeth Warren to cover up your past, and the left can’t use any details from it to blackmail you.
  4. Don’t let the Complex use its PC lexicon to characterize you and shape the narrative.
  5. Control your own story– don’t let the complex do it.
  6. Ubiquity is key.
  7. Engage in the social arena.
  8. Don’t pretend to know more than you do.
  9. Don’t let them pretend to know more than they do.
  10. Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
  11. Don’t let them get away with ignoring their own rules.
  12. Truth isn’t mean. It’s the truth. As Ayn Rand said, “never get angry with a man for stating the truth.”
  13. Believe in the audacity of hope.

Conservatives can win the culture war and battle for America’s fate against the hate and self-loathing filled leftists. Breitbart is sure of that, which is the point of Righteous Indignation. But we need to take his advice and follow those rules to win.

Analysis of Righteous Indignation

I started Righteous Indignation thinking that it would be an autobiography. Luckily for me (I’m not usually a fan of normal autobiographies), it wasn’t. While Breitbart does talk about his past in Righteous Indignation, he does so more to give background as to how liberals can become conservatives. And most of Righteous Indignation is not about him, it’s about the grassroots conservative movement that took on the Democrat-Media Complex.

That movement started online with the Drudge Report. Then, it picked up steam as the Tea Party formed and Breitbart and his friends used their online experience to continue fighting against the Democrats. That lesson of the grassroots, conservative Davids defeating the Democratic Goliath was inspirational to me and is a story I think every conservative should read. Now, we’re keeping the fight alive through blogs such as this one.

Also, every conservative needs to read Breitbart’s description of how the left fights and how we can combat them. Their hypocrisy knows no end. they want to impeach Trump for his supposed “corruption,” but ignore Joe Biden’s obvious corruption. They call us far-right extremists and racists every time we speak but ignore that Democrats started the KKK (as you can read about in The Republic for Which It Stands) and that Robert Byrd, Hillary’s “hero,” was an officer in the Klan. Calling out that hypocrisy and refusing to submit to Democrat attempts at character assassination is the only way to fight them and their rampant corruption.

Finally, the book is important because it shows that the culture war is, in fact, real, and that it needs to be fought. The leftists are out to destroy us and we need to start fighting back. Use the lessons in Righteous Indignation. Use the lessons in books like The Prince and 48 Laws of Power. Because if you don’t, we will be crushed and silenced. Without Project Veritas and it’s sneaky but effective, Machiavellian-like activities, as Breitbart described them in the book, without the various other culture warriors on the right, we would have no way of fighting back, or of even knowing that we need to be fighting.

Righteous Indignation is a crucial book for conservatives to read for that reason. It is interesting to read, yes, but it also gives you the knowledge and information you need to start fighting back against and beating the left. Be like Drudge (before he turned into a leftist). Be like Andrew Breitbart. Be like Ben Shapiro. Be like Charlie Kirk. Start fighting back against the left, and fighting back hard. That is the lesson of Righteous Indignation and it is one that conservatives of all ages need to learn so that our side can starting winning the various battles of the culture war that is being waged in America.


If you’re a conservative or libertarian, then you need to read Righteous Indignation. It will teach you how to be a culture warrior so that you can start fighting back against the radical left and its many attacks on traditional America. Don’t know if you’re a conservative? Then check out my post on how to tell if you’re a Republican or Democrat.

In any case, it’s a terrific book that I would highly recommend reading. Breitbart’s enthusiastic writing style makes it fun to read, highly interesting, and full of relevant information for conservatives of all ages, but especially Gen Z Conservatives. Enjoy buying and reading it!

By: Gen Z Conservative