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Ridiculous: Media Companies Make Their Most Absurd Excuses Yet about the Hunter Biden Story

The Washington Post – a news outlet controlled by billionaires that thinks news outlets should never be controlled by billionaires – is facing an identity crisis.  They just discovered that they actively suppressed and undermined the “accurate and relevant” (their words) story, which affected the outcome of a Presidential election.  Like a toddler who got shocked sticking his finger into an electrical outlet (again!) WaPo wonders: what did we do wrong, and what can we learn?

“Twitter blocked the story altogether, pointing to a policy against hacked materials, and suspended the New York Post’s account for sharing it; Facebook downranked the story in the algorithms that govern users’ news feeds for fear that it was based on misinformation. This series of events has prompted allegations of a coverup, or at best a double standard in the treatment of conservative and liberal politicians by mainstream media and social media sites.
None of these dilemmas have easy answers.  The lesson learned from 2016 was evidently to err on the side of setting aside questionable material in the heat of a political campaign. The lesson learned from 2020 may well be that there’s also a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories.”

The editorial board of WaPo just (soberly!) concluded that “from 2016 on they set aside all questionable material” – like this one and this one.  Because WaPo always did their “due diligence,” there is no easy answer as to why they deemed all “anonymous sources” pushing unsubstantiated rumors about Donald Trump entirely credible, while they always “feared” to report anything negative about Biden.  The jury is still out as to why their false reporting (herehere, and herealways “erred” on one side.  And while “the journalistic pillars” at WaPo are busy soul searching, every college kid on campus is on to them.

At the “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” summit at the University of Chicago, freshman Christopher Phillips asked:

“You’ve all spoken about Fox News being a purveyor of disinformation. But CNN is right up there with them. They pushed the Russian collusion hoax, they pushed the Jussie Smollett hoax, they smeared [Supreme Court] Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh as a rapist and they also smeared Nick Sandmann as a white supremacist, and, yes, they dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop affair as pure Russian disinformation.

With mainstream corporate journalists becoming little more than apologists and cheerleaders for the regime, is it time to finally declare the cannon of journalistic ethics dead or no longer operative? All the mistakes of the mainstream media seem to magically all go in one direction. Are we expected to believe that this is all just some sort of random coincidence or is there something else behind it?”

And while The Washington Post is at least feigning a Mea Culpa, other news outlets already declared that any self-introspection is entirely uncalled for.

Here is Brian Stelter honestly stating that if you believe any of the things the kid just documented, you must not have been watching CNN at all:

“In my honest answer to you, and I’ll come over and talk to you in more detail, is that you’re describing a different channel than the one I watch. But I understand that is a popular right-wing narrative about CNN.”

If you buy Brian a nice lunch, he will get down to your level and explain that believing what your lying eyes have seen CNN report for the last 6 years is just “buying into the right-wing narrative.”

Anne Applebaum of The Atlantic concurs: if you are “living outside the Fox News bubble” you’d be wasting your time looking for information outside the corporate media narrative.   Here is her report on Hunter Biden’s revelations in October of last year:

“Those who live outside the Fox News bubble and intend to remain there do not, of course, need to learn any of this [Hunter Biden story]. Judging by what has been published, the very worst thing that Tyrmand’s email cache could reveal (if it is authentic) is that some unattractive people sought to use Hunter Biden’s surname and connections to get business deals or score a visit to the White House for their clients. But we already know about Hunter Biden’s involvement with unattractive people, and his struggles with addiction; we also know that, under normal circumstances, dozens of people visit the White House every day. On the grand scale of misdeeds committed by politicians and their relatives, this kind of thing barely registers. Compare that with, say, the Trump family’s well-documented hotel deal with an Azerbaijani business family linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Or the Trump family’s blatant use of its status to funnel money to its own companies. Or the Trumps’ illegal abuse of their charitable foundation. Or the president’s secret Chinese business bank account.”

Another student, Daniel Schmidt, confronted Ms. Applebaum on her bullsh^t:

“A poll, later after that, found that if voters knew about the content of the laptop, 16% of Joe Biden voters would have acted differently.  Do you think the media acted inappropriately when they instantly dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as ‘Russian disinformation,’ and what can we learn from that in ensuring that what we label as ‘disinformation’ is truly disinformation, and not reality?”

Anne Applebaum did not flinch:

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“My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is, I think it’s totally irrelevant. I mean, it’s not whether it’s ‘disinformation’ … I don’t think Hunter Biden’s business relationships have anything to do with who should be President of the United States. So, I don’t find it to be interesting. That would be my problem with it, that being a major news story.”

Let’s recap: a son of a sitting Vice President, having a shady (possibly, criminal) history and no qualifications, expertise, or experience, uses his father’s position to make millions “working” for foreign nations while his father is influencing their policy.   There is a record of emailsvideos, and eyewitnesses substantiating this story.  Yet, Anne Applebaum – a person claiming to be a news reporter – “doesn’t find it to be interesting.”

Unless Hunter Biden took Air Force Two out multiple times without his father’s knowledge, there would be no way the future alleged President did not know about his son abusing his family connections.  Even if you still can’t substantiate who “The Big Guy” is,  there is this most stunning piece of fibbing ever performed on national television:

The future alleged President openly lied to the American people during a major debate, and yet, Anne Applebaum still states that “the story is totally irrelevant” to you – unless, of course, you are one of them dumb Fox News viewers!  If you want to be friends with Anne, you should keep your eye on her “well documented” fables and insinuations by the “stellar sources:” convicted criminalsporn starscareer character assassins, and corrupt political operatives.

Ms. Applebaum, and her worthy accolades in the corporate media, have declared that only the likes of Fox News would sink as low as any negative reporting on Biden.  The “legitimate” media tried their best to “limit their reach,” but ultimately, there will always be “stupid” people who search for honest answers instead of buying the corporate media narrative without questioning.

Just to think: to this day, Fox News and other “conspiracy” networks (like this one) continue to ignore Joe Biden’s “historic achievements,” and real problems in the country such as  “lack of transgender visibility.”  To this day, they sway people’s attention away from January 6 – “the worst terrorist attack in American history” –  to “right-wing conspiracies” like Southern border invasioncrime ravaging blue statesskyrocketing cost of living, and the most “trivial” story – the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell.”

Washington Post:

“For now, what’s more compelling than the assorted accusations about the Bidens’ behavior is this question: Why is confirmation of a story that first surfaced in the fall of 2020 emerging only now? When the New York Post published its blockbuster exclusive on the contents of a laptop said to have been abandoned at a Delaware repair shop by Hunter Biden, mainstream media organizations balked at running with the same narrative.”

We’ll let “the geniuses” of the Washington Post ponder on that for a while.

 RWR original article syndication source.

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous: Media Companies Make Their Most Absurd Excuses Yet about the Hunter Biden Story”

  1. This is pretty simple, really. They suppressed the Hunter laptop story because they wanted to get his dad elected. Now they’re authenticating the Hunter laptop because they want to throw his dad under the bus.

    Joe Biden has become a huge liability to the mainstream media’s favorite political party, that their Groupthink now believes throwing him under the bus is their best chance to cut the enormous losses their favorite party is destined to suffer in 2022 and 2024. Inflation, fuel prices, Afghanistan, violent crime, the crisis at the border, and their constant coddling of racial fanatics, perverts and freaks in every level of government — from school board curriculum decisions to the child pornography sentencing decisions of our newest Supreme Court justice — are a record they can’t suppress or run away from.

    And they’ve been in power for only 15 months.

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