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Ridiculous ATF Regulations

Ridiculous ATF Regulations:

Ridiculous ATF Regulations

My Thoughts:

As you can probably expect, I am not a huge fan of the ATF. I recognize that they have an important role to play in some areas, especially in combating gang violence. But their rules and regulations are ridiculous. as I pointed out in a recent post about gun classifications called “All Guns Matter.”

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The problem isn’t that there are gun classifications. I recognize that those could be important for finding out what guns customers are buying, accessories for those guns, or for other customer based programs. That could be useful. What is not useful is having a huge number of inane regulations to regulate what we can and can’t buy without buying an equally inane tax stamp to make sure it’s okay for us to have them. Those regulations only hurt innovations in the firearm industry, punish law abiding firearm owners for being interested in firearms, and create needless complications based on arbitrary measurements.

I really do respect the work the ATF does preventing guns from falling into the hands of criminals. That work is valuable and necessary. But placing unnecessary restrictions on law abiding gun owners is not Constitutional. Ridiculous ATF regulations on firearms are unconstitutional and unjust. We need to start pushing back against those regulations.

Also, this goes without saying, but this meme is not an endorsement to break the law by sawing off shotguns or making oil can suppressors. Breaking the law in that way is a felony and not worth it.

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