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BETRAYAL: Sen. Rick Scott Wants Mass Amnesty

Rick Scott Wants Mass Amnesty. What’s Next, Striking the First Amendment?

Things have been going increasingly poorly for Republicans. 8 members of the GOP voted for gun control. Biden has been pushing for more and more gun control. No one will seriously investigate voter fraud. Tax hikes are on the horizon. You’d think, in these dark times, GOP senators would at least stand up for basic Trumpian policies, such as the need to take border security seriously and only act benevolently toward legal immigrants. Well, that’s not what’s happening. Our party is full of Neville Chamberlains and Benedict Arnolds, the most recent example of which is the fact that Sen. Rick Scott wants mass amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The amnesty provisions in Sen. Scott’s bill allow illegal aliens who broke into the US before they were 16-years-old, and have illegally lived in the country since June of 2012, to apply for a “conditional permanent resident” status. So, yeah, at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, Sen. Rick Scott wants mass amnesty for long-time lawbreakers. I’m sure that won’t lead to more illegal immigration.

Ultimately, the amnesty bill proposed by Rick Scott could provide American citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants. It would punish people who wait in line to enter America while rewarding criminals and lawbreakers that forced their way into this nation like any other invaders.

Furthermore, while the bill does contain some security provisions, the recent FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) analysis of the bill calls those security provisions “toothless” and notes amnesty is quite vulnerable to fraud. Even worse than that lack of security, Scott’s bill would put about 1.5 million illegal aliens on path to becoming American citizens. And those aren’t all of the “Dreamers” to whom the media apparatchiks discussing the bill allude. The FAIR analysis states that:

“Under the terms of this bill all illegal aliens who were technically eligible to apply for DACA are eligible for amnesty and a green card. This includes even those who did not bother to apply in 2012 when the Obama administration unlawfully created the program via an executive memorandum.”

And according to this source, that 1.5 million number is just a conservative estimate. In fact, “as many as two to three million illegal aliens- or more, if estimates of the illegal alien population are underinflated by biased demographers– would be placed on a fast track to citizenship under the Florida Senator’s bill,” according to Richard Moorehead at Right Edition. Rick Scott wants mass amnesty, so he’s going to flood the system with millions of new citizens that have already shown themselves to be lawbreakers.

Somehow even worse than both of those provisions, the FAIR analysis also states that: “The bill also does not hinder an alien’s ability to submit fraudulent or frivolous asylum claims” and goes on to note that those claims are one of the most frequent ways illegals fraudulently enter America.

Primary Rick Scott. That fool is a disaster whose mass amnesty bill will destroy our union. At a time when Iranians are sneaking over the border, Scott wants to encourage masses of others to come with them.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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