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Review of Rigged by James Rosone and Miranda Watson

What if a global cabal of financiers, globalist-minded leaders of NGOs, and members of governments hostile to the US decided that a president was so undesirable that he needed to be removed in the next election cycle? What if they used every conceivable tactic, from bribing Post Office workers to not turn in ballots from conservative-leaning areas like nursing homes to flooding US social media sites with disinformation, to shift the election in favor of their preferred man? What if they used terror attacks on polling stations, deceptively edited and titled video clips, and billions of dollars in dark money to further inflame the populace and put the odds in the favor of their guy? And, above all else, what if the government found out before it was too late?

In such a situation, how might a president like Trump respond? How should he respond? Could the plot even be discovered?

Similarly, how might a government, full of both supporters and detractors of the president, respond if it was found out that the election was fraudulent and being manipulated by foreign actors? Would it support the president elected in a fraudulent manner, or back the one who “lost” because of fraud?

That is what Rigged, the first book in James Rosone and Miranda Watson’s 2nd American Civil War series, also called the Falling Empire series, is about. An election between President Sachs, a Trump-like figure, and Senator Tate, a Biden-like figure, is the scene not of an honest election between two good-faith political opponents, but rather a battleground between the globalist elite and a man that loves America.

While the war itself doesn’t break out in this book, the government and world grapple with those questions. Without giving too much of the plot away, global elites led by financiers, military men, and intelligence agents in China, Canada, and Germany see President Sachs (Trump) as a problem that must be removed by any means necessary and work to remove him. When they’re found out, the whole thing comes to a head. It’s an exciting tale of dark money, bare-knuckle politics, special forces missions, and high-intensity decision-making.

What makes Rigged superb is that it seems so real because of the 2020 election. Written in 2018, it seems to predict everything that happened in 2020. Globalist elites interfered in the election. Social media manipulation pushed the populace toward the candidate favored by elite societies like Skull and Bones. And, most of all, it predicted the anger and vitriol that such accusations of fraud would lead to; Americans, extremely angry on one side about the obvious fraud and fearful of dictatorship on the other, can no longer get along and agree to settle their differences in a free and fair election.

Instead, they start to gear up for war with each other. One side is unwilling to accept UN interference in American affairs. The other side welcomes the globalists, seeing them as allies in the fight against Sachs (Trump) rather than foreign enemies attempting to shape the internal dynamics of the United States.

Rigged is a terrifying book. The way the war breaks out, the speed with which civil society breaks down, mostly along party lines, is all too real. We’ve seen what the Democrats are willing to do. The Antifa attacks, the BLM riots, the perfidy of the CIA, FBI, and other agencies filled with leftist apparatchiks, all of that does not bode well for America’s future.

But even more than all of that, what is shocking about the novel is how easy it seems for enemies abroad to influence our affairs at home. The way they can affect voting patterns, outrage and influence the American electorate, and more (I don’t want to give too much away) is startlingly realistic and seems just like what we experienced in 2020.

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The lesson is that we shouldn’t be naive about our enemies. Men like Trump, leaders that rage against the system and attempt to remake it in favor of the average American, they’ll make enemies both at home and abroad. Financiers, globalist industrialists, foreign businesses and governments, all of them are negatively impacted by American First policies. We should expect them to strike back, but must also learn how to counter them in a productive way, ending things before things get out of hand like they do in Rigged.

It’s a fabulous novel, one I highly recommend that you read.

By: Gen Z Conservative