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Review of Peacekeepers by James Rosone and Miranda Watson

In Rigged, the first book of the Falling Empire series, Rosone and Watson’s terrific series about a second American Civil War, internal American politics approach the boiling point thanks to election interference from our enemies abroad. Peacekeepers, the second book in the series, is about the kettle finally boiling over.

A UN army, composed primarily of French, Russian, German, Dutch, and Canadian troops, is perched on the border. After fleeing abroad with many other Democrats when President Sachs (a Trump-like figure), exposes the globalist plot to take over the United States by appointing an elite-approved figure and using terror attacks, voter fraud, and misinformation to get him elected, Senator Marshall Tate, the elite-approved politician, works with the UN to prepare an intervention if President Tate doesn’t back down.

This is the book where America approaches its Rubicon.

Common Americans, such as one elite SOCOM interrogator, a protagonist in the novel, try to live normal lives as their world crumbles around them.

Partisan politicians, lusting after power rather than desiring to preserve the republic, must either put aside their political differences and unite against foreign interference, or take up arms and settle their differences on fields of blood.

President Tate must decide whether to back down and let the globalists win, but in the process preserve the peace, or stand up for what is right and true and risk a global war, fought not on the battlefields of Western Europe and East Asia, like our past wars, but instead in our homes, on our soil, with our countrymen being the collateral damage.

It’s a thrilling plot that is well-written and realistically imagined. I’ve left it where the authors do in the summary in an attempt to not give too much away, but know that lots happens and it’s heart-pounding. The internal and external fortitude required of the main characters is inspiring to read about, even if in a novel, and one can’t but help imagine what would have happened had Trump responded to the blatant election fraud as President Sachs responds in the novel.

As with all the novels Rosone and Watson have written, the action is superbly written and incredibly exciting, the plot is generally free of holes, and what takes place can’t help but lead to productive questions for us in the real world.

However, there is one major weakness in the novel, which is how the characters in the government agencies and upper-echelons of the military respond to everything.

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They, despite perhaps disliking Tate, generally unite under his banner, recognizing the importance of defending the republic from fraud and foreign threats. The CIA, FBI, DOJ, and military all have a few traitors within, but most live up to their duties and act as patriots to defend the republic when called upon to do so.

Can any of us imagine things playing out in that manner now? The FBI acted against Trump for his entire tenure, as did the CIA. The military brass is full of woke fools like General Milley and is run at its highest echelons by other woke incompetents like Lloyd Austin or fake “patriots” like General Mattis, the supposed “warrior-monk” that backstabbed Trump when he tried to withdraw us from entanglements abroad.

The most obvious example of that dichotomy is how domestic insurgents are handled by those agencies in the book and real life.

In Peacekeepers, the police, FBI, and spy agencies work together to stop and destroy the domestic enemies of the republic. Antifa-type terrorists are terminated, not indulged. The military, despite having a few traitors that defect to Senator Tate and the UN force, generally backs the president and readies the homeland’s defenses.

In real life, that never happened. Antifa was given a free hand to terrorize Americans and attack our government. The FBI and other agencies, such as the NSA, have entrapped and persecuted patriots, have spied on Tucker Carlson while ignoring the thousands of Antifa goons that burn down our cities. The military refused to obey Trump, Milley apologizing for clearing Trump’s path of rioters and refusing to send in troops to restore law and order. More examples abound, but those are enough to point to the problem: the agencies and military are in thrall to the globalists, not the republic.

Perhaps the authors couldn’t have predicted that, given that Peacekeepers was written in 2019, back when the domestic situation seemed somewhat stable. But the novel would have been far more realistic had the military brass and domestic agencies responded as they would in real life and defected to the globalist traitor rather than fighting for America. It’s sad that such a situation is realistic but, I think, undeniable.

Overall, however, Peacekeepers is an excellent, fun-to-read novel. I highly recommend you check it out.

By: Gen Z Conservative