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Review of In Trump Time by Peter Navarro

By: David Gignac

Peter Navarro, President Trumps’ Assistant for Trade and Manufacturing Policy; Pandemic Defense Production Act Policy coordinator is a very confident self-promoter who, by my account, is also a clear-eyed American warrior.

He saw early on that the China virus was a serious problem. His distrust of Dr. Fauci was apparent in real-time and is documented in this book, which reads like a diary that in-between entries used anecdotes that explain and flesh out his story.

The in the moment access to the Trump White House that it provides is a peek behind the barbed wire crossed view through which the antagonistic media lensed this administration.

It describes well how the press room access was spun to shade everything Trump and at times to completely misrepresent what had been said by administration officials. Whether you are pro-Trump or anti-Trump you get a feeling from ‘In Trump Time’ that Navarro uses his diary to represent accurately the events.

If you are a lover of the version of globalism currently being promoted where we adopt the corporatist CCP model you will find little to like from Navarro.

He is currently under subpoena for responses by the Trump administration to the Chinese virus pandemic. Representative James Clyburn heads the committee and is surely looking to deflect blame from Dr. Anthony Fauci whom Navarro battles with throughout his narrative.

For this reason, I am enthralled with his book. It is inside baseball at major league levels and he notates dates meticulously.

Navarros’ style is a little hard to get used to with many descriptive inserts and some jumping around to try to make as many of his points as possible in a minimal amount of sentences. Once you get used to it you learn to drink from the firehose and learn at an exponential rate.

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But an example of really effective writing is his treatment of the CDC (Fauci)/ media handling of the hydroxychloroquine rollout.

His style is to reproduce his memos from his office and then fill in backstory and color to present his view of events. It is very convincing but don’t expect a lot of good color given to his adversaries.

In the CDC examples, he tells a tale of narrative manipulation by the medical establishment to achieve a determinant outcome, namely binding the free world with the chains of a made for TV pandemic.

For lovers of history of any political persuasion, I would recommend this book to get a perspective form an insider of an event that will surely be the defining episode in our post-WW2 world history