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Review of A Handbook of Traditional Living by Raido

What is The Handbook of Traditional Living? Here’s what the authors say:

“The publication of the present booklet serves two complementary purposes: a) to present the reader with an accessible introduction to the world of Tradition; b) to offer ideal guidelines to those already active in the arena of revolutionary politics.”

“The aim of this writing is to awaken an enthusiasm for Tradition among those of a similar disposition and to foster the kind of personal development capable of distancing militants from all forms of modern perversion.”

As you might guess from the title, the key to this book is tradition. And what is that?

“Part One sets out to define Tradition as that eternal source of spiritual and normative values which infuses the lives of individuals and societies with meaning and dignity…Traditionalist values are here set forth as a bulwark against the onslaught of profoundly disruptive forces”

“Tradition acts as a norm: as an internal and external law to be followed, particularly in moments of crisis such as the present one.”

In the view of the authors, and theirs is a view that I share, as the world has forgotten tradition, it has sunk into a miserable pit. As they put it:

“Today more than ever before the moral crisis is visible in every aspect of life. In the realm of politics, culture and even religion, the profound malaise that affects individuals – and, by extension, society as a whole – is all too evident. Politicians, philosophers, fanatical fans of progress, trendy ecologists and fake gurus are all competing to come up with new catchwords in the attempt to remedy a situation that has become desperate. Far from providing any remedy, however, their actions contribute to foster those subversive tendencies that plunge man into an even greater crisis. Such people are like those doctors who prescribe the wrong drugs through mistaken diagnoses. The person we are addressing, by contrast, is of a very different sort: his ‘style’ is based on the values of loyalty, fidelity, honour and sacrifice.”

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And what is the solution to that? To return to the natural state of man. In their view, we need kings, the sacred, and warriors. Each in his natural state. In their words:

“The ideal, organic and traditional State is regulated by four castes: priests, warriors, producers and servants. These castes symbolically correspond to the division of the human body into head/brain (priests), breast/heart (warriors), stomach/liver (producers) and limbs (servants).”

The opposite of that is what we currently have:

“The prevailing of the servant caste, with its darkness, has led to the folly of collectivism, of anonymous masses and pure shapeless quantity, which embodies the loss of any contact with Heaven.”

“Modern culture, by contrast, has developed from purely human, earthly, egoistic and utilitarian elements; replacing hierarchy and difference with levelling uniformity, it inevitably perceives decadence as the motor of history…Rationalism, egalitarianism, evolutionism, utilitarianism, relativism, individualism and economism are nothing but single components of the same subversive plan, the aim of which is to nullify any human aspiration towards the sacred.”

I understand I have used many a quotation, but they’re necessary, I feel, to understand the work. What the authors are advocating may seem radical. Much of it is premised on or cites from the works of Julius Evola, so it in fact is.

But it’s also striking at an important issue: we’ve lost sight of what’s important and what made our society great.

Why do The Illiad and The Odyssey fill the breast of every red-blooded man with a desire for martial vigor and a sense of lost greatness? Why do we look back on the glory that was Rome under the Antonines with such awe and reverence? Why are the names of Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, Queen Victoria, and Frederick Wilhelm ones that take our breath away in a way that the name of no modern man does?

Because of the glory of tradition. Ulysses, Ajax, Achilles, Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Charles the Fifth, they all honored their ancestors and their gods. Each brick they laid, each enemy they slew, it was for the greatness of their culture and the traditions of that culture.

They built great halls that lasted for centuries, roads like the Via Appia that survive to the modern-day, and their stories are ones we still find inspirational. The 300. Sir Francis Drake defeating the Spanish Armada. Alfred the Great defeating the pagan invaders. That is what tradition gets you: greatness.

And what do we have now? Apple products? Cars? the internet? Are those the blessings of modernity, the things that make us think we’re so great?

The Handbook of Traditional Living by Raido is not a book for the weak fo heart. The RINOs won’t be able to stand it, it is a direct attack against the leftists, and even many on our corner of the right won’t have the courage to fight for tradition as they recommend.

But those with the stomach must. Returning to tradition is the only hope left for society. The plague of modernity with the glory of tradition.

By: Gen Z Conservative.